Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I in as far as Brexit is concerned even as a fore said the course and end of Brexit hath been set and there is nought that can change that in any way whatsoever and the sooner that all of the self governing Nations of the United kingdom accept that fact the better, for the terms and conditions as set down by the EU upon Britain leaving the EU are fixed and even if the EU government was willing to compromise upon the major parts of Brexit because of the EU constitution the only Brexit that is available to the UK is a hard Brexit the EU is bound by its own rules and regulations in as far as trade and industry and the financial sector is concerned the problem is if it makes a bespoke trade deal with the UK then all of the other Nations outside of the EU that have access to the single market and the customs Union would demand the same deal as the EU gave to the UK which would result in the rules and regulations set down by the EU in as far as trade and financial services and access to the single market and the customs Union becoming null and void. Once outside of the EU then the discussions for a trade deal with the EU can really begin but not in reality till then. The one part of the negotiations that is going to delay trade negotiations from truly getting under way is the so called transitionary period that the UK is seeking an agreement on with the EU for until that trasitionary period is at an end can a trade agreement if one is in the offing be legitimised and put in place. Access to the single market and the customs Union would have to be on the same basis as other Nations outside of the EU have with EU with all of the terms conditions and contributions required by the EU. One problem is still in place and will have to be resolved and agreed on if a soft border between Northern and Southern Ireland is to be put in place and that as soon as possible, which if not done soon will result in a hard border and until that is signed sealed and delivered and set down in black and white there are going to be major difficulties especially on the Southern side of the border and with the good Friday agreement it will only take one major fall out between the North and South of Ireland for the situation to revert back to the hard border days and one of the major problems that could spark it off is the present self governing situation in Northern Ireland while there is no agreement between both sides on power sharing there will be always the possibility of conflict arising.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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