Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and of the whole of creation still this people refuse to hear the Word that I have put before them and unless they turn from their great wickedness and immorality and corruption do turn unto meeting the needs of the sick and injured properly the homeless the poor the elderly the orphan the destitute of this and other lands that they are capable of aiding and do turn from their polluting of My creation and from disobedience to all of My Commandments and Laws as set down in My Holy Word I shall cast this people forth from My sight and shall appoint these to catastrophes to descend upon them war to take peace from the Land, famine to take the bread from their mouths that they may understand what it is to suffer poverty and destitution and to be homeless living out in the open on the streets starving having to beg for food to put into their bellies and plague and disease to know and understand what it is to be on the sick bed with none to care for them nor to make every effort no matter the cost to heal and care for them. Even as this people have in the prosperity of their lives in this land to a great degree ignored the plight of others and offering but token aid and help; remember in My Word that which is concerning the widows mite; so shall this be done unto this people if they turn not and continue to blind their eyes to My written Word and stop up their ears to the warnings set before them. But its shall not only be applied unto this land but also unto My People Israel who do not adhere to the Holy Covenant I made with them as one other hath in the past said if they turn not to adhere to that Holy Covenant and all that is therein set down then shall be it such as are to be cast forth from the land shall be cast forth not only of My people but even all of the strangers residing therein who obey not My Holy Laws an commandments and such as are set to perish by famine shall hence forth if they turn not perish and such as are to fall by the weapons of war shall of a certainty fall by those weapons and their dead bodies shall lay in the streets un buried food for stray dogs and the scavengers of the deserts and vultures for I shall make of the land a desolation and only those who are truly of Me shall remain in the end in the Land of Promise and prosper within the Land and shall raise up the House to My Holy Name.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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