Thus saith the Lord God Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be that the EU has come at last to the realisation finally that the UK is really leaving the EU thus the statement of one of its leading politicians that the UK can if it so desires change its mind and remain a full member of the EU which will be music to the ears of remainers but in fact because of the position that the British Government is in and its firm promises to fulfil the wishes of the British people vote upon in a full legal referendum to leave the EU if it decided to renege on its promise apart from its triggering article fifty would result in outright rebellion and as precarious as the position of the British Government is would result in its immediate demise and would in a matter of days result in a call for a general election which in and of itself posses a plethora of problems in as far as there is no party in government no matter their claims of being able to Govern this Great Nation as it should be as bother major parties have shown major weakness in both government and in opposition and until there is a party strong enough and determined enough to meet the needs of the British people especially the sick and elderly also in the restructuring of the educational system which is bordering on collapse because of the government policy of place the schools in the hands of academies the hospitals in the hands of trust and the transport system in the hands of the private sector and placing to many government contracts in the hands of a single contractor resulting in the tax payer having to foot the bill for the contractors failure both major parties track records show that they are both un fit to govern but the question remains is there any party or person capable of taking over and governing this Nation as it should be. But in as far as the EU’s coming to terms that the UK is realy leaving it is and will now begin to persuade it to stay for the potential of the UK on the Worlds stage as major trading Nation is in reality one asset the EU cannot afford to lose. But as afore said unless there is a total reform of the whole of the EU structure the UK remaining in the EU as it is now would be like being tied to wagon going downhill out of control with a massive stone wall at the bottom of the hill.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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