Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

This vision I have sent by My servant as warning to a wicked and abominable immoral Nation of that which is to come upon it if it turns not from its great wickedness immorality iniquity idolatry and disobedience to My Holy laws and commandments.
Thus it was that a man in white raiment stood before me and said servant of the Lord God of Host come hither and he took me to a cliff high and lifted up and stood me on the edge thereof and said unto me what seest thou and I said the sea wide and deep and he said look towards the horizon and now what seest thou and I said nothing but the waves of the sea and he said look again and in the distance I saw coming towards the shore but a small wave higher than the rest and he said keep on looking and as I looked I saw as it came nearer it grew in size to what seem the size of a house and then the size of a block of flats and as it came even closer I saw it was higher than the highest building on Earth and I began to shake in fear for soon it would sweep over me and I fell on my knees hid my face between my knees waiting for it to sweep me away but it passed over me without harming me and I looked up and now on either side of me were two seraphim with wings spread out over me to protect me both were like burnish bronze shinning almost as bright as the sun with wings shining bright almost as bright as the sun. The man in white raiment that stood in front of me said man well favoured by the Lord God most high stand on thy feet and I did so and he said knowest what this vision means and I said not so my Lord and he said it is the coming disaster that shall strike a wicked and adulterous Nation full of all manner of abominations immorality and disobedience to the Law and Commandments of God and it is that this wave shall arise in the west as thou sawest it and shall become even like unto a mountain of the seas and it shall cleans the land on which that Wicked and abominable Nation stands so that it exist no more upon the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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