Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the heavens and the heaven of heavens and of the whole of creation especially mankind and the creatures of the Earth of birds and beasts of the fields of reptiles and insects of fish that inhabit the oceans and seas of the Earth especially the later who are now suffering injury and death from that with which thou hast polluted the oceans and seas with it is bad enough that the pollution of the area around the Earth is polluted with thy machines both active and inactive and the waste thereof that thou doth continue to pollute earth orbit with but shortly that I shall cause to cease to be for all in the orbit of the Earth shall be cast there from unto the Earth some of which shall burn up in the atmosphere but others to large to burn up shall indeed crash down unto the Earth causing much destruction but it shall not be done without prior warning saith the Holy One of Israel. But in as far as thy pollution of the seas and oceans causing death and injury to the creatures thereof as I have thus far as a warning cast forth a fraction of that with which thou hast polluted the seas and oceans with that shall be increased to such an extent that not one beach or sea shore shall escape thy pollution of the seas and oceans being cast thereon and thou shalt see what it is to walk upon the beaches and sea shores in fear of injury from thy pollution cast thereon. But it is not only shall this be done unto those Nations that are guilty of those crimes committed; for that is what they are crimes maybe of omission to dispose of thy waste materials sensibly being unaware of the danger it presents to the creatures of the Earth and even humanity; but nevertheless I do consider it a most heinous and careless crime a crime of negligence to take care of that which I place in thy care from the beginning to look after and protect even the environment and the creatures of the Earth for which thou in the end will have to give an answer for. But there is also a warning already given of that which is to befall those Nations guilty of these crimes and of disobedience to My Holy Will and Law and Commandments which is to strike especially one Nation a most wicked and careless Nation whose pride hath even scaled the heights of the heavens and shall be cast down there from a Nation that considers itself the mightiest of the Nations Earth against which none of the Nations of the Earth can stand, this may be so of the Nations of the Earth but by the power of My right hand it shall fall and great shall be the fall thereof this warning hath been given in a vision which if that Nation humbles itself not shall suffer that which shall cleanse its land of all that exists thereon.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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