Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even thy God and creator and the creator of the whole of the Universe as concerning all the rebellious and wicked immoral Nations of the Earth thus have I weight in the balances of My Just Judgment and hath decreed that which is to befall one Nation thus Judged after warning it if it repented and turn not from its wicked and rebellious and immoral ways what would come upon it even My wrath and Anger unto destruction, yet the warnings put forth were took none heed of by that Nation believing that I exist not and continued as afore and now upon that Nations shall of a certainty wrath and anger unto destruction shall be poured forth out upon it as it shall be with many others who think I exist not and am but a creation of the imaginations of those that are either deluded religious fanatics or those who seek to lead astray many of mankind to manipulate hold power over or deceive into parting with their possessions or wealth or property or to glorify themselves in the sight of mankind appearing righteous and holy when in fact their hearts are darker than the bottomless pit itself even all of those who are teachers of false faiths or are false prophets or false messiahs of which there are many upon the Earth who know not the truth nor know Me even as those who were like unto the scribes and Pharisees and Zealots of old seemingly righteous on the outside yet as My Word saith full of dead men’s bones who go to any lengths to make one person a disciple of theirs they being deceived in thinking that if they follow them and believe their teaching they will become a child of heaven when indeed they make them twice the child of the Adversary and as thou would put it of hell destined to the bottomless pit forever or those who go to extremes seeking by any means whatsoever to prove I exist not even many of thy scientist who will in the end but prove as past civilizations intellectuals and those who are professed atheist have done that in reality that I do exist but by then it is too late for them for either they are on the brink of passing from this life or that they are on the receiving end of My wrath and anger and whose end is set as is the Earth set in its path around the sun and all of whose names are written down in the book of everlasting life and death to be called out when they come before the seraphim in whose hands it is held and who points in the direction of their final destination even the bottomless pit; even that which thou callest hell; where all who are not of Me along with the Adversary are cast therein forever As said afore thou has but experience disasters that are but a warning s of that which was to come if the wicked immoral unbelieving, rebellious disobedient Nations of mankind did not turn and repent of their wicked immoral unbelieving disobedient ways and take the path of obedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. But It looks as though the only way mankind will take notice of ought I warn the Nations of is if I do indeed bring about that which I warned mankind and the Nations of maybe then they would repent but that would be repentance through fear of Me and as My Word says that is the beginning of wisdom rather would I though, have mankind repent and turn unto Me and obedience to My Holy Will Law and commandments willingly, but mankind will not therefore wrath and anger and destruction shall be poured out upon all of the rebellious wicked and immoral Nations of the Earth. So as My Word says and as it shall thus come to pass MY WILL SHALL BE DONE OF A CERTAINTY ON EARTH AS IT IS DONE IN THE HEAVEN OF HEAVENS.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.


from the prophet of the Lord.

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