Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as afore said all the hidden things of darkness shall be brought out into the light and revealed to all and as the immorality of this present civilization is being brought out into the light and shall continue to do so till all is revealed, so shall also other hidden things of darkness be brought out into the light as shall of those who practice such wickedness as do these do upon the whole of their own Nations and peoples and that is the corruption, the lies the deceit the bribery and the theft of that which rightfully belongs to the citizens of every Nation on Earth and where doth all this hidden darkness exist even in the Governments of every Nation all of their sins and crimes against their people shall be brought out into the light and revealed and then brought to an end to this say I is My promise saith the Holy One of Israel even the God and creator of the whole of the Universe and all that therein exist to all the people of every Nation everywhere. All those politicians in Government who commit such wickedness shall either repent and turn from their wicked ways or perish at Mine own hand by plague or disease or be cast down and out of their places down unto the very dust of the Earth these are they that shall lose everything as they have taken and stolen from the people of their Nation so shall I take from them but those who do turn and repent and commit to living upright and honest truthful lives I shall in mercy forgive although they shall be punished but that punishment shall last but a short while and after the storm clouds of My wrath and anger dissipate as doth the morning mist when the sun arises in full strength so shall My favour and forgiveness return unto them and they if they be true and upright flourish in all that they do but if they do return unto their former ways I shall knot and see it and as the wicked perish so shall they. All in government are entrusted and elected by the people to deal honestly with that which the people have entrusted to their care even the Health Wealth security and welfare of all of the people of the Nation they in Government are not there for their own benefit but for the good of all the people on whose behalf they Govern and serve and if they cannot do that in an upright honest and open manner putting their people even before themselves they are not worthy to hold such high office and should therefore be cast there from and be assured they shall be this is My Word unto all saith the Lord God and creator of mankind. The days of Corrupt tyrannical and cruel Governments are over and shall be brought to an end. Thus hath not My Word said that I shall rule all the Nations with a rod of Iron and so shall it come to pass the Upright Moral and obedient Governments shall prosper and it shall come to pass that soon the Nations of the Earth shall learn war no more and peace and prosperity shall reign over all the Earth and My Glory saith the Lord God shall cover the face of the Earth as the waters cover the sea.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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