Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob unto thee

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation who made the heavens and the Earth by the Word of His mouth who commanded and it came into being who said and it was so. To the Nations of the Earth I say these words that now I put before all that there are now to come upon the Earth dark days in which the hearts of many will fail them for fear of that which is and shall come upon the whole Earth, war and not peace world wide and in many places of plenty and prosperity poverty and starvation in place of the fruitfulness of the Earth famine and in the places of the peacefulness and calm of the Earth Earthquake, floods tsunamis and fire spewing from mountain tops in those parts of the Earth wherein afore they did not occur and in others drought and famine and a bareness of the Earth when the clouds withhold their rain, that time shall and is coming when the oil fields of the Earth run dry and oceans and the seas refuse to give up their bounty when indeed the creatures of the deep are but few in number. The dark days also of plague and diseases and pestilences for it is as I have said if mankind heeded My Words and did turn from their wicked immoral ways and their unbelief and obey all of My Holy law and commandments that I should cause all who did so to prosper and live in peace and live off the plentiful fruitfulness of the Earth. That indeed the dark days of disaster famine plague floods Earth quakes fire spewing from mountaintops drought of whirlwind and fire would pass the obedient by for I would overshadow them and protect them from all harm and alarm and the wiles of the Adversary. But none have taken heed deaf ears and hard hearts and blindness of eyes have My words met and so shall it be with mankind when the darkness of these terrible and dreadful days befall mankind as they definitely shall and all of those who have refused to take heed of My Holy Word and the warnings sent forth and have refused to obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments through Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb cry out to Me for mercy and forgiveness and for Me to hold back My Wrath and anger remember the rich man and Lazarus when in the bottomless pit of sheol the rich man cried out for Abraham to send Lazarus to but dip his finger in the water of life to cool his tongue for he was in torment and what answer did Abraham give the rich man and what were Abrahams last words? That there is a great gulf fixed and so is it for all mankind who believe not and do not take heed of all of My Holy Word and Obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments in that day for there shall therein in that day be many crying out for mercy and forgiveness and but a sip of the water of life to quench their thirst and the answer the rich man got shall be given unto them that have been Judged and condemned to the bottomless pit there is a great gulf fixed betwixt the pit and the Kingdom of Heaven also known as Abrahams bosom and that forever. All the daylong have I warned thee of the dark days of the Last days the days of trouble and disaster and days of wrath and anger of the day of the Judging of all of humanity to come when all without exclusion shall have to answer to Me saith the Holy One of Israel for their lives upon the Earth and shall be thus Judged by My Holy Law and Commandments unto perfection even the Adversary and his followers. None shall escape the Day of Judgment no not one past present or future, whether any believe or no it shall come to pass.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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