Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I even the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee in as far as the Brexit transition period is concern that if agreed on by the UK government is virtually agreeing to be told by the EU what Britain can and cannot do which in effect means staying in the EU without a voice in the EU’s Government and also no freedom to set up trade deals with the global trading Nations without the EU’s central Governments approval. The EU said it was in no way seeking to punish the UK for leaving the EU but what else is it but a form of punishment for having the audacity of seeking to leave the EU knowing that the UK wants desperately to have that transition period and must agree to the EU’s terms and conditions for having that transitionary period which in effect means for the two year transition period the UK has to agree to be virtually being dictated in every possible way by the EU government. Britain would have been better off being a full member of the EU with all the freedoms and benefits and a voice in the EU parliament than agreeing to be subject to this EU straight jacket of a transitionary period. The arrogance of the EU is plain to see in its expectation that the UK government will agree in every way to such a transitionary period and more the fool it if it does agree which would reveal how weak and wishy washy this government negotiating team and leadership really is for in effect it would be for two years as thou wouldst put selling Britain down the river and allowing the EU to dictate to the UK and its government and shame it for trying to leave the EU. Better would be for the Britain to leave the EU without any form of transitionary period that agree to a transitionary period governed by the terms and conditions set down by the EU without any and all of the benefits of being a full member, But this in reality is the EU by dictating it own terms and conditions for the trasitionary period that Britain in effect would see that it would be better off not leaving the EU and having all the benefits of membership than agreeing to this sham of a transitionary period for at least the next two years thus it will put forward the proposal that the UK remains a full member for the next two years and if at the end of that two year period if it still wants to leave it can but it will be hoping during that two year period the UK will change its mind and remain a full member and the EU will make every effort by hook or crook to make sure Britain stays a full member.
But one question must be asked and answer given who really Governs the UK the people who elected the Government or the finance and business community for only they will benefit from a transitionary under these terms and conditions and no matter what they say all they are concerned about are not the electorate of this country but their own costs profit margins and bank balances. But one thing they neglect to consider and that is it is the electorate who provide the work force for their businesses even in this technological era. What would happen to the financial and business community if suddenly the electorate felt the transitionary agreement was not in their best interest and in protest decided to withdraw their labour? This transition is not about the leavers and remainers but about the business and financial sectors profits and losses if there was no transitionary period and by getting it would hope to change with the EU the UK’s mind over that period on leaving the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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