Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven as I afore said that there is but one way of leaving the EU, what saith My Word that a man’s ways seemeth right in his own eyes but the end thereof leads to the grave and the bottomless pit, thus it is with thee in thine own eyes the path thou are now taking to leaving the EU hath seemeth to be in thine eyes to be the right path to take in leaving the EU but as with the man whose ways were right in his own eyes so also with thee the path thou art walking on seemeth to be the right path but as with the man who ways in his own eyes so with thee it will in the end lead for thy Governing and party to disaster. Brexit hath but one path and but one end one leads to being controlled by the EU government if agreed upon to be at the beck and call of the EU without any recourse to object to any of the terms and conditions set down by the EU Parliament the other path leads to reversing course and rejoining the EU and regaining full membership but the EU will set down one main condition legally binding upon the UK never to ever attempt to seek to leave the EU ever again, but the EU will never let Britain live it down that in trying to leave the EU it nearly in its eyes made the biggest mistake in the history of the United Kingdom and that without being a member of the EU Britain could never have survived on its own taking into account its dependency on the EU for trade, finance security and the cooperation of all the member states. The final path and course which Britain now hast to follow is the hardest and the most decisive and is central to the prosperity security and sovereignty of the UK which has survived on it own built in the process one of the Greatest Empires the world has ever seen and even when the darkest hour of that Empire came upon it not only survived against all odds but came out fighting against three of History’s most murderous cruel Tyrants and beat them with the help of the allies those Tyrants who not only sought to bring this country to its knees but to conquer and humiliate her and failed. If ever now that this country could not stand on its own two feet and not only survive but prosper then it is no longer the Britain that once built an empire but a poor excuse of a Nation and only deserves to fade into the background of history to become a forgotten Nation.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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