Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation who is was and ever shall be without beginning or end Eternal immutable infinitely perfect in every way the three in one eternal being the Father of all creation the Promised Mashiach/Messiah the only saviour and Roach Hakodesh thou doth called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of all truth and the enactor of the Will of both the Father and the Messiah who is both man and God and whose image though corrupted exist in mankind Mind Emotions and will each individually part of the personality of mankind yet the inseparable whole of mankind’s personality the soul, as are the Father the Messiah and Roach Hakodesh whom thou doth call the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God one inseparable infinitely perfect whole. Even unto thee do I set forth these words that there shall never exist in Syria any peace or cooperation between the Nations in the that region of the Middle East until the Governing regime of Syria and its leader are no more and no longer the Government of that Nation for it is that until there shall exist in Syria a righteous and democratic Government Syria will always be a battle ground for various factions and terrorist organization seeking to possess a portion of that Nation. Even the Nation of Turkey which is seeking to eradicate what calls the Kurdish threat if it succeeded would find itself at war with other groups and factions which will inevitably spill over out into the surrounding Nations. Thus it also shall be that the majority of the population of Syria shall remain refugees amongst the Nations surrounding Syria until peace is restored in Syria. Thus shall the health welfare and security of the Syrian refugees have to the responsibility of the western Nations as they have to bear some of the responsibility for the position that the refugees are for if an epidemic occurs in the refugee camps it will not only the refugees that shall suffer but also the people of the Nations in which these camps exist and epidemics will occur if adequate health facilities are not provided for these refugees welfare and as with these other refugees from other countries that now exist in camps the World over for one disease outbreak can and will lead to another.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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