Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens unto thee of the western Nations thou by thine actions and inactions, acts of omission and commission thou has sown to the wind and must therefore reap the whirlwind of My Hot furious displeasure, wrath and anger, first thine actions of omission that thou hast committed those of standing by and doing nothing to stop the murdering of innocent civilians by the Syrian regime and its supporters even Russia the various terrorist organizations and Iran which caused the people of Syria to flee and become refugees in the Nations around about Syria, but still even so there is still thy neglect to adequately provide military assistance in defeating Isis or IS, as it is called, in Syria because of thy fear of getting dragged into a civil war thou didst want no part of which was more important the lives of innocent civilians or the safety of thy military. Especially children that perished in that conflict, but even worse when chemical bombing commenced the Syrian government bombed their own people with impunity knowing the west would do little or nothing to stop them as Aleppo proved. But still thy support was also lacking in other ways especially when the Kurds put the west to shame by defeating Isis in many towns and villages without help from the Western Nations. But thy neglect continues in thy support and adequate provision for the refugees in the various camps in the Middle East in as far as health welfare and provisos until they can return Home when once more peace comes to Syria and can without fear of their lives return Home. But thy sins of omission continues in as far as the suffering of others in Asia that have because of persecution had to flee to a Neighbouring country a poor country that really has not the ability to adequately provided for those refugees. Because of the conditions in those camps and elsewhere if disease and plague erupt the past Ebola crisis will seem like in extent like unto thee and for those Nation in that region but a mild outbreak of measles or flu thine inaction will in the end rebound on thee for once a plague or disease outbreak occurs on the scale it will there will be little or nothing thou shalt be able to do to contain it. But also unto thee I say now thy acts of commission that I do most strenuously condemn and it is the actions of supporting and providing assistance and or military hardware to those Nation in the middle East and others that are guilt by bombing innocent civilians especial children and the elderly and infirmed mainly the destruction of hospitals and the seeking of those Nation in that region for their own profit to threatening Nations weaker and smaller than themselves by the imposition of sanction and accusations of supporting terrorist organizations whose own motives for doing so can be brought into question. Thus it is that all of the Nations that have committed these actions of Commission and Omission are by Me Judged found guilty of these crimes against innocent civilians and humanity in general and shall therefore be punish by the Hot fury of My wrath and Anger saith the Lord God of the whole of creation which in reality as compare with that which hath gone on before seem like but a drop in the ocean of My wrath and anger against thee that shall befall all the guilty Nations.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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