Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the whole of creation is concerned that it is I saith the Holy One of Israel who hath set the Galaxies in the place and all the stars and the planets they contain and they are all each and every one known by Me and all of the planets that are set in their course around the stars thereof and it is their orbit around the stars that I have set and do maintain also all the clouds and gases I have so set for as My Word states that the heavens declare the glory of My Holy Name that there is no place upon earth or in the heavens or heaven of heaven that do not bear witness to Me that it is I who hath created all things for Mine own glory and the benefit of mankind who I made in Mine own image and did set in charge of the whole of My creation in the beginning who was perfect in every way even created to live forever in My presence and gave mankind the authority which still exists to this day to name all of My creatures and as mankind so named them so they remained and do remain as long as the Sun hath and doth shine and the Earth hath and doth rotate in its orbit around the Sun and it was that I also gave unto the man a companion to share eternity with him both male and female created I them and said unto them go forth and multiply but one command I gave unto mankind both male and female of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did I command them not to eat even as set down in My Word but that which is so set down and that which was revealed unto them was the true meaning of the death they would face even being cut off from Me an end to their immortality being also cast out of Eden the female did take heed of the Words of the serpent even the deceiver who said unto them that what I said if they disobeyed My commandment would not be so. But one thing is revealed herein mankind was not the first to fall but he who took on the form of the serpent even the arch deceiver the Adversary and his followers. But well may ye ask why have I set this before thee for a simple reason what was lost in Eden can be fully regain through the Messiah even the true Passover Lamb who has and doth take the place of all of those who come to believe in Him in Judgement so that they may return unto Me and in the end regain their former perfect immortal state and live forever in the New Heavens and upon the New perfect Earth but for those who don’t then they are Banished from My Kingdom after Judgement to that place that I created for all who do not believe nor repent of their sins/crimes of their disobedience to My Holy Law and Commandments and their refusal to believe in the one and only true Messiah Immanuel the true and only saviour of all of the Holy People the World over for that is what all are who do believe in the true everlasting and eternal Passover Lamb of God for no human being can come unto Me except through the only Saviour and true Passover Lamb without spot or blemish who was sacrifice upon the alter of Judgment that they who do believe many live forever holy and pure and without spot or blemish being covered by His righteousness, But as said afore and do say now all things on the Earth and in the heavens that contain planets stars and Galaxies and the heaven of heavens which is the Kingdom of Heavens My Kingdom work together for good the good of all of those who become true citizens of My Kingdom and according to My Will and purposes as hath been set down and worked out since the creation of the whole Universe and there is nothing under the Sun that doth and can go contrary to My Will and purpose for all the Earth and all of mankind.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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