Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time saith the Lord God even the true and only Redeemer that in as far as Brexit is concerned that British Government no matter what the desires for a deal with the EU that gives Britain the best of what is sought by the Government even the best of both worlds it will not happen as the EU because of the red line it has set itself beyond which it will not go and because of the EU’s rules and regulations in as far as the single market is concerned there is and can be only one deal that can be and will offered by the EU government and the only deal it wants to make with the Britain and that is a return of the UK to EU full membership otherwise if in as far as Brussels and the EU are concerned Britain remains adamant on exiting the EU then it will only negotiate a free trade deal when the UK has finally left the EU and it will be in as far as the EU is concerned a deal that benefits the EU,s twenty seven members not the UK. Britain’s government must face facts that the UK has given into almost all of the EU’s demands in the hope of getting a good deal from the EU on trade and finance and the result has been that the EU still refuses to negotiate a trade deal with the UK and will continue to do so until the UK has left the EU why? Because its own rules and regulations on membership of the single market and the customs Union all negotiations must be Negotiated from outside of the EU as a none member as it is with other Nations seeking to trade with the EU and become members of the single market and the customs Union which in effect also means conforming to the EUs rules and regulations and contributions. Thus say I for all that the UK has conceded in as far as these negotiations are concerned what on its part has the EU conceded to the benefit of the UK. As afore said and I will say it again these negotiations are one sided with EU’s ambition by hook or crook to get the UK to retain its full membership of the EU under its terms, conditions and rules and regulations and it will use any and all avenues and dedicated EU British Politicians to do so and as said there are only two ways for this Government to chose forward out of the EU and into a prosperous future or backward into full membership of the EU and the troubles and conflict it will cause one of which will see the end of the present Governing party of the UK. Sitting on the fence hoping for a deal that will never come about is the sign of a weak and inept governing party on its way out, is there not as saying amongst thee that thou cannot please all of the people all of the time only some of the people some of the time. What is another saying also about taking a bull by its horns and blow to the consequences this is what this British government has to do take the bull by the horns make a firm decision and go with ir to the end no matter the outcome and this means as Britain has voted to Leave the EU that it what the government has to do or this Government will regret it for the rest of its political life.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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