Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus the Lord God unto thee even in these last days it shall come to pass that the Armies of Gog and Magog shall enter through the gates of that place whereon the last Great Battle is to be fouight both have sent their armies already on to the battle feild yet one has for a short while with drawn many of his soldiers and weaponry but shall return in full force these two shall become allies along with other Nations in the region even that are yet in the middle east and all shall enter on through the gates and onto that battlefeild whereon the last Great Battle shall be fought as hath been so prophesied to come about in the last days. But what shall and hath provoked the comming about of this last Battle even the situation between those who posses the land of Israel the promised land and those who lay claime to it desiring to take possesion and evict Israel which shall never come about. On the surface it is that both sides want peace one side is agreeable to a two state solution outwardly the other hath declared that Israel belongs to the children of Israel as an inherited possesion through Abraham and his descendants promise by Me saith Lord of Hosts. But those who have said that they are willing to negotiate a two state slution in reality want a way and a means to see the end of Israel and if they can achieve this though agreeing to a two state solution and slowly forcing by any and all means Israelies out of Israel and return it being the Land of palastine they will do so. But that is their ultimate objective to take back the whole of that land which they still call palestine. But as said this will never come about and in the end the Palestinians throughout that region will go to war with Israel with the backing of the mighty Nations that where in past times called gog and magog but at this time are known by two other Names who seem on the surface to be enemies yet shall become firm friends and allies. Thes two will seek to force a two state solution on Israel and Israel will resist and will state that rather than allowing Israel to be divided in two with one part in the hands of the Palestinians especialy the Holy City and temple mount they will go to war with these two great Nations. Thus shall it be then as set down in My Word shall be fulfilled all that is written as concerning this last Great battle where all of the Armies of these two and their allies shall perish at the hands of the hosts of the heaven of heavens and by He who rides at their head on a white horse weilding My swift and terrible shining sharp sword.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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