Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that mankind’s understanding of the vastness of the Universe in relation to My Kingdom even the Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens and My being is so limited that the mind of mankind cannot comprehend the infinite and the eternal for all of mankind are limited in body and mind to comprehend only the physical and not the spiritual and the eternal even the infinite and the infinite perfection and limitlessness of My being and the Kingdom of Heaven the only way for Me to give mankind but a glimmer of understanding of the vastness of My Kingdom and being is to use a human frame of reference such as a human house containing many millions of rooms that are the dwelling places of those who belong unto Me that have passed from their Earthly life and come to dwell in heaven with Me and the main room in that House is My throne room were the cherubim and the seraphim and all the heavenly hosts do dwell and also those who have given their lives for others through belief in the true and only Messiah and for the Kingdom of Heaven bearing witness to the glory of My Holy Name counting their lives but a small price to pay so others may live and by their example many come to believe through the righteousness of the eternal Passover Lamb in Me turning also may from the path of disobedience and unbelief wickedness and immorality to do the same as they and at last come to dwell in Heaven. Thus to one side is a table whereon stands a small pure clear crystal globe and any who look at it see in it countless spots of light and as hath gone on before so many who come to heaven and look at this globe ask Me what it is and My reply is thou knowest not? They all say Nay and I say look closer and still they understand not and I say that is the place where once thou on Earth lived out thy life and then understanding begins to dawn on them and I say those spots of light are galaxies and in one of those galaxies as thou doth call them is thy Sun around which the Earth revolves and I at their look of incredulity I say yes indeed it is the Universe and they wonder at the vastness of My House and My Kingdom and consider how limited is the physical existence of mankind. For as the Universe is compared to My Kingdom and being the existence of the Universe and man are like sparks from a fire that fly upward and exist but for a moment and then vanish forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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