Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Hosts even unto thee at this time that North Korea is seeking to by that Government and its Leaders offer of peace and friendship to find away round the sanctions imposed upon it by America and the UN and to achieve the Leader of North Korea’s ambition of a United Korea under one leader which is seen in its suggestion of which South Korea has agreed to, a joint winter Olympics team. First and foremost in the leaders mind is a way round sanctions imposed by America and the UN and at present the only route for that Leader is to bring the supplies they need through South Korea but how? China has cut off most of what it supplied to North Korea more sanction have been imposed cutting off other supply routs meaning that only necessary goods for the Nations populations survival are getting into the country, but still in as far as America is concerned North Korea is still continuing its Nuclear program but testing of missiles have seemed to have been halted and will in the short term look as though the Government and its leader have halted its Nuclear program completely but the reason for the lack of further tests is that the supplies needed to continue their Nuclear program have run out. Thus the offer of peace and friendship and the partaking of North and South Korea as one joint team giving the impression that North Korea’s main aggressive stance is towards America not any other Nation also that the suggestion of a joint winter Olympic team reveals the North Koreans Leaders ambition for the whole of the Korean peninsula that North and South one day soon could be reunited under one Government and Leader. Therefore if lasting peace can be negotiated then reasons for hostilities between North and South would no longer exist and that there was no need for a demilitarised zone between North and south but a normal civilian border with free trade between North and South Korea with a seeming end to North Koreas Nuclear ambitions and North Korea seemingly no longer a threat to World peace North Korea would then apply to the UN for the lifting of sanctions that were crippling his country and its economy causing his people unnecessary suffering. But the UN would insist on proof of the end of North Koreas Nuclear ambition as would the US of which would already have protested against the present border being dismantled being suspicious that the North in secret was still continuing with its Nuclear program. One condition for sanction lifting by the UN would be the insistence of sending in an inspectorate to assure the UN that the North Korean program had been halted. Once assured then sanctions would be lifted with the US still protesting that the lifting of sanctions would be a mistake. South Korea would also seek for the American Military to withdraw its forces from South Korea as there was peace now between North and South. This deception by the North Korean Leader would then revealed in the sudden mobilisation of his conventional military towards the South Korean Border on the pretence of military exercises which would when close to the border cross over into the South the South would protest the North would claim it was a tactical error on their part and state that their troops and military hardware would be move back over the Border immediately but it would take time but instead of removing them would move more into the South moving onto the South Korean Capital fulfilling the North Koreans ambition by force Uniting North and South Korea under his Leadership. Then if the US threaten to go to war with Korea to end his domination of the Korea peninsular he will threaten the US with his Nuclear weapons which in secret he has continued to develop with the supplies smuggled in through South Korea but in as far as this one’s ambition is concerned this to him is but a first step.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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