Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee that in as ar as Brexit is concerned the aims and ambitions of the EU government are now made plain Brexit in as far as the EU’s intentions for the UK are concerned an open book its now either surrender to the dictates, rules and regulations of the EU in as far as Britain is concerned or; as they put it; a cliff edge Brexit and a disaster for the UK. But that cliff edge for the UK will not end in disaster but shall be in fact a blessing for the UK and a curse for the EU for the it is now plain to see that all along the EU has sought to punish the UK for even daring to try and leave the EU never mind doing so therefore the curse of the so called cliff edge departure is to the EU a way of punishing the UK if it doesn’t comply with its demands. But a so-called cliff edge departure will not be detrimental to the UKs future but for the future existence of the EU. The threat made by the EU negotiator reveals the true attitude of the negotiator and the EU in as far as Britain is concerned it is no longer the Nation it once was and but looks down upon this Nation as a weak willed third rate Nation easily giving into the pressures put upon it by other Nations especially the EU and expects Britain to succumb to the threat made by the EU and comply with its demands. But the reality is in as far as the EU is concerned the EU knows it has more to loose from the UK’s departure than the UK has from the EU in as far as exports are concerned and trade and finance especial finance in as far as Britain’s yearly contribution to the EU and as well as the employment of EU migrants from EU member countries and also the contributions made by British tourists to the EU’s coffers. To threaten the UK in the manner it has through its negotiator is the biggest mistake that the EU could ever have made and the question must be asked is the threat a sign that the EU as Brexit draws nearer is beginning to panic that Britain really is leaving the EU.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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