Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations at this time saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that those who have committed the sins/crimes of omission in as far as the war in Syria is concerned have thus far suffered the punishment due in as far as the disasters with which I have thus far struck them but yet their punishment is not yet complete for yet famine drought and pestilence hath yet to come upon these Nations and shall do so until My Just Judgment has been satisfied full measure. But what say I of those who have committed crimes of commission the Syrian regime and its allies each and every one shall indeed feel the fullness of My wrath descend upon them in droughts that dry the very ground beneath the feet to become as hard as rock that turn the vegetation into fuel for the raging fire that shall follow even as I struck America so shall I strike those Nations which allied themselves to and supported the Syrian regime those Nations lands after the raging fire hath struck their forests and the villages and towns in the midst thereof shall become a desolated place, fields and forests shall exist no more and thy people shall mourn over the loss of thy lush green and verdant lands which have become a blacked waste land but still even though the people shall flee before the flames as did those in America yet shall I preserve the lives of the people that ye of those Nations may know and feel and understand what is to be refugees in thine own lands having thy homes towns and villages by fire destroyed for as ye have done unto others even the civilians of Syria so shall I do unto thee. But what say ye about the Syrian Leader and his regime as concerning the My Just Judgment that seems to have passed that regime and its Leader by, but it hath not for a time and a place and a day of Judgment I have appointed for him and his regime and that time and place and day draws ever closer and when that dread day comes upon him and his regime they shall know it and shall see and know whereof their destiny lies and such terror shall befall them that their hearts shall fail them for fear of that which is to come upon them in this life and of that which they will suffer in the life to come for all eternity along with all those who have like them gone on before. Thus say I all of those who have part taken in the murdering of innocent civilians in Syria shall not escape the full force of My wrath and anger even all of those groups and Nations that joined themselves to and supported the Syrian regime and its Leader.

This the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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