Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee both the leader and people of Burma now known as Myanmar saith the Holy one of Israel thine Ears have been deaf unto the warnings sent unto thee as to the persecution of the ethnic minority in thy land termed as ethnic cleansing by the UN the US the EU and the UK think ye that I would not bring down upon thine head death and destruct if thou didst not heed My Word afore sent unto thee whether thou doth believe My Words or even that I exist or not even because of the faith of thy Nation thy belief or unbelief in Me matters not in as far as the punishment for thy crimes towards those whom thou hast caused to flee because of persecution to a neighbouring Nation that can little afford to shelter them yet it doth and for that reason alone My blessing of prosperity shall be upon that Nation. Think ye if I punished those Nations that I have for their crimes of omission in as far as the murdering of innocent Syrian civilians is concerned in that they did liitle or nothing to halt the killing of innocent civilians in Syria by the regime and its leader in government and their allies that I would not do the same unto thee thus as I have done unto them so shall I do unto thee but more so if thou dost not return them to their own land that they possessed before, restoring unto them all that thy military has destroyed of their possessions and property and will guarantee their safety and security for be assured if the full fury of My wrath and anger doth descend upon thy Nation then thy situation after will be far worse than that of the present situation thy persecuted refugees are in at the present time for whirlwind, famine and drought shall first strike thy Nation then earth quake and flood and on its heel pestilence and plague none who have partaken in the persecution of the thy ethnic minority shall escape no not one shall survive that which I shall cause to descend upon them and thy Nation so much so that those who do survive shall know and understand what those people have suffer at thine hands. As thou has not been merciful unto them neither shall I be merciful unto thee when thou shalt cry unto Me for mercy, for to thee the heavens and heaven of heavens shall be as brass unto thy pleas.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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