Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the whole of creation who without Him nothing came into being that did exist doth exist and shall exist. Well it is that I say unto thee that mankind does not read My Word as it should be read as an example I set before thee one question that is ask as Concerning one of the sons of Adam after he murdered his brrother and fled to the land of Nod and took unto himself a wife of the inhabitants thereof as is set down in My Word the question asked is if Adam and Eve after being cast out of the Garden of Eden had but two sons Cain and Able where did the people of the land of Nod come from for him to take a wife of those people. A question easily answer in two ways and one is what was commanded of the creatures of creation and Adam and Eve what was My very first command to them, “go forth and multiply and populate the Earth!” not only to the creatures of creation but to Adam and Eve also which being perfect obeyed that command and went forth and multiplied and populated the Earth both the creatures of the Earth fish of the seas and fowls of the air and the offspring of Adam and Eve before they fell therefore also their offspring were perfect in every way as they were and the second answer relates to the time span before the fall which cannot be measured in days months and years for the span of time was never measured before and for a time after the fall the passing of time was measure as I measured it from morning till evening and the passing of the seasons mankind was perfectly innocent and unaware of their physical state for then it matter not for they were as Adam and Eve immortal in the true sense of the Word. But as afore stated a thousand years of mankind’s existence to Me saith the Lord God is but less than a day. Thus after the fall and Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden as they became mortal having the sentence of death spiritual and death physical passed upon them so also those they bare before the fall fell with them and also became mortal having the eventualy physical sentence of death passed on them. Thus it was after Adam and Eve were cast out they brought forth Cain and Abel ye have to note as was said in My Word it doth not say that Even brought forth her first born though indeed it was her first born after the fall then it was that mankind lived upon the Earth more than a thousand years as was revealed by the age of Methuselah who live to be almost a thousand years old for it was death and corruption of the human body had not taken its hold on mankind as it is this day. But after the fall even by what is written she thought that he time of conceiving was over because of her and her husband’s fall that is why she said that she had been given a man of the Lord for then she knew though they had fallen I had not made her barren of which was never intended for then it was as death had entered into mankind there was a necessity for mankind even more to go forth and multiply and populate the whole of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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