Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even at this time as concerning the wicked, perverse, immoral, rebellious and Lawless Nations these are to Me like unto potters vessels for I hath taken the clay like unto a potter thrown in on My wheel to mould the perfect vessel without spot or blemish and after having formed it and hath set it in the kiln to be fired and waited the final result and on opening and withdrawing the pot and setting it to cool once cooled hath taken it up to inspect it and at first it seems perfect, but as I look closer I see imperfections and thin hairline cracks and in anger I lift it up above My head and cast it to the ground shattering it upon the hard floor tiles to become nought but a worthless heap of shattered rubble. Thus say I, I am the potter the clay are the Nations which I bring into existence and being like unto a pot on a potter’s wheel have moulded and shaped them and finally have tested them in the fiery kiln of adversity trial and tribulation with the hope that they would prove when their fiery trial hath end to be holy righteous law abiding Nations without spot or blemish and as with the flawed pot find that instead they have become wicked immoral perverse lawless Nations worthy only like the pot taken from the kiln found flawed to be cast down unto the dust of the ground to be no more. Thus it is that I shall do unto all the Lawless immoral wicked perverse Nations that are full of all manner of murder debate deceit debauchery corruption who obey not My Holy Law and Commandments who know not Me nor desire to know Me whose hearts are as hard as the nether mill stone and eyes that are blinded by their own lust and desire for power wealth and fame that are but as the morning mist that vanishes at noonday so are their desires and ambition in death are all brought to nought for the things of the Earth cannot pass beyond veil of death for the only possession mankind can take beyond the grave are themselves and even then have yet to face Me in Judgment of such is one Nation that shall be shattered as a potters vessel cast down unto sheol and the grave for all of the wickedness perversion immorality and lawlessness and murder that lies therein which lies between Northern and Southern America which I consider twice dead to be plucked up by the roots and cast into the fiery furnace of My wrath and anger of which the first signs hath been set and sent.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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