Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the only true and living redeemer and saviour of mankind. Did I not deliver unto Israel through Moses Ten Commandments first for Israel to Live by and the breaking of them brings down upon the heads of those who do the ultimate Judgement and the punishment thereof to be cast into that place I call the Bottomless pit and mankind doth call hell. But one commandment especially is most precious to Me and of which for the breaking there is no excuse whatsoever yet there are at this time may upon Earth that do break thins commandment not only in deed but in thought also and I speak not of the temptation of the Adversary of which is at all costs to be resisted but the giving into that temptation but and also deliberate and premeditated murder of which the heart of the wicked of humanity are prone to commit for that there can be no excuse and when coming before Me having cold heartedly rejected all the means of repentance there by Me can be only one out come in Judgement the punishment must be death eternal in the bottomless pit/hell. But there are means provided for the accidental killing of other human beings or as thou doth term it manslaughter for which there is forgiveness if asked for by Me in regret and deep humility mercy will be given but only if asked for, but if none asked for and thou I would not desire to apply full and just judgment yet if no forgiveness and no regret and no mercy if required before passing from this life there can be no mercy given after death and the coming before Me to be Judged. But one excuse is voiced when certain of humanity come before Me many, many times and it is from the Manufacturers of weapons whether of mass destruction of small arms or automatic weapons from the smallest to the largest from the mobile weapons platforms to those carried in military air craft and those long range fired from ground launch sites they admit to manufacturing these weapons but state they are not responsible for who and how they are used and I reply what do you manufacture food processing plants engineering or construction machinery and they reply no the I say what do you then manufacture and they reply military weaponry for defence mainly then I say are they sold to the general public and the reply is small arms yes then I say again what do you manufacture and you can see the frustration on their faces and the question in their eyes what doth He want us to say and I answer the question before its asked are you not weapons manufacturers and the reply is yes and I state for what other purpose can they be used for except killing other human beings thus it is that thou along with those who use them are guilty of Break the Commandment THOU SHALT NOT KILL for if you along with others did not manufacture them how many lives would be spared. The manufacturing of weapons is but for one end the killing of others for whatever reason and for that those make them and those who use them are equally responsible for the breaking of this Commandment. Yes the wicked of mankind will always find weapons with which to maim and kill with but to be those who put weapons at their disposal in any way shall or form are as wicked as they are and will meet the same end as these everlasting death in the pit/hell forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord God

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