Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

There are ten steps to start walking upon the path to everlasting life in the heaven of heavens, which are mistakenly called by mankind the beatitudes but in reality saith the Lord God of creation is the true path to everlasting life and should be called the true path of salvation as I revealed it so to be thus the first one is that blessed are those who realise their true spiritual state being dead in trespasses and sins through the fall. Two blessed are those who mourn like one who mourns for the dead even their own true state before Me saith the Holy One of Israel for the means of their resurrection shall be revealed unto them by the Holy Spirit the spirit of all truth. Three blessed are they who are humbled by the realization of their true spiritual state for through the Messiah they shall inherit the Earth. Four blessed are those who seek with all of their might to gain everlasting life by being brought to life through faith counting the Messiahs death as their death and the Messiahs resurrection as their resurrection and therefore are counted as holy and righteous in My sight acquitted of all transgressions and sins and given the gift of everlasting life in the heaven of heavens. Five as I saith the Lord God was merciful to them they become merciful by revealing or showing the path to everlasting life unto others. Six ever seeking purity of heart mind and body by obeying all of My Holy Word and Commandments all of their life through the faith of the Messiah. Seven they then by revealing the true path of Life become peace makers first betwixt mankind and Myself and then between all of mankind upon the Earth. Eight blessed are those who become righteous in My sight and are persecuted for it for unto thee I give the Kingdom of the heaven of heavens. Nine blessed are all of those who are despised rejected, cast out and persecuted for the My sake saith the only true Messiah and redeemer for all of those who have gone on before thee have suffer such as ye do for as their reward awaiting them was great so shall thine be. Ten all of those who belong unto Me are the salt of the Earth and the light of the World so let thy light shine before all of mankind that they may see thy good works and glorify the Creator and Father of all of mankind.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.


From the prophet of the Lord.

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