Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee even this time as concerning that tyrannical cruel Syrian regime and its leader the day of their Just Judgement and the punishment thereof hath been set as hath the Just Judgement and punishment also of that regimes Leaders allies hath been set by Me saith the Holy One of Israel even the true and only redeemer and creator of all that doth exist in the Universe even the Lord God of the whole of creation when it is that their cup of wrath and anger is full up to over flowing at day and a time and a season so set by Me. But also it is that Judgement and punishment of those Nations which have thus far done little or nothing to put an end to this carnage being executed upon the inhabitants of that Nation when indeed they could have. Are the Nations of the Earth in so much fear of Russia and its Leader and Iran and its leader that they almost turn a blind eye to the actions of the Syrian dictator and its allies and would do so except for the Medias reports of the devastation and carnage that hath been wrought. Wringing their hands and declaring they are helpless to do anything about it yet some of the members of the UN go to extremes in sanctioning a country such as North Korea over its Nuclear Missile program which threatens Nuclear peace in the World yet hath caused no harm to any Nation except the firing off of a few ballistic missiles. Would they have not been better off concentrating their efforts on trying to stop the murdering of Syrian People and children. America declares it is the mightiest Nation on Earth and that might well be but in as far as Syria and the actions of that regime upon its own people is concerned America has the coldest heart or it would have taken more concrete action to stop it before now. Thus it is also with the rest of the Nations of the UN which talk a lot and do nothing whose Just Judgement and coming punishment from Me for their inaction shall descend for the blood of those Syrian civilians is not only on the hands of the perpetrators but upon the hands of those Nations that could have acted and did not. As said there is a time and a date set for the Judgement and punishment of the murders of Syrian Civilians and their Children and when that date comes about all shall know it and witness it and shall be in awe of the destruction that shall befall those murderers even the Syrian regime its Leaders and their allies and their Leaders and not one no not one shall escape the full fury of My wrath and anger saith the Lord God being poured out upon them but not only on these but on those able to put an end to it but did not. That punishment which hath gone before shall pale into insignificance to that which is to come.

This is the Word of the Lord God and Creator of all of mankind unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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