Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the situation in Syria is concerned that the concrete inaction of the Nations to stop not just a war between Syrian rebels and a tyrannical regime and its leader. But of a tyrannical regime and its Leader that are as set as they were with the population of Aleppo in setting an example of how far that Regime and its allies were prepared to go to end the rebellion in Syria which it didn’t thus it is now that the Regime its Leader and their allies are now set on eradicating once and for all, all who the Regime considers to be rebels and terrorist aiming at pulling down the Syrian Government which in their mind is the whole population of Ghouta by any and all means at their disposal. Thus it is as said I, saith the Lord God have set a time and a date for all of those who are guilty of the massacre of innocent civilians in Syria for My wrath and Anger to strike them down unto the dust of the ground. But also it is I have set a date and time for My Wrath and anger to descend upon the Nations for their feeble attempt to end the carnage that is happening in Syria, especially when the resources at the disposal of the western Nations could have easily ended it before it began by forcing the Syrian Regime and its Leader to stand down and give the people of Syria the chance to elect a truly Democratic Government are the mighty and powerful Nations of the Earth so scarred of Russia that all they can do is idly stand by and wring their hands scarred that if they attempted to force Russia to end its backing of the Syrian Regime that the Russian Government would go to war with the western Nations and the rest of the UN not so neither the Russian Government nor its allies wish to be the ones to start a World war if they had been the Ukraine not Syria would have been the catalyst. Russia in as far as the Ukraine was concerned was just a test to see how far it could go in provoking the West especial America before the West would take action. The reason for backing the Syrian Regime thou knowest saith the Lord God of Host. Russia is not backing the Syrian government for nothing. Thus I ask thee if the Syrian oil wells ran dry which they could if underground Earth Quakes caused the oil in the wells to disappear would Russian backing of the Syrian Government also disappear. Thus it is if the carnage in Ghouta does not stop then My wrath and anger at the appointed time shall descend upon the Regime and its Leader but also if the Nations of the Earth take no action to end it especially the chemical bombing. Then also at a time and a date I shall also cause My wrath and anger to descend upon all of the Nations that Could have but have not taken any concrete action to stop it. But it is also that for the inaction that resulted in the devastation caused to Aleppo, upon the Nations that stood idly by and let it happen and for all of that which happened in Myanmar of which the UN and the western Nations could have stopped if they had really wanted to, shall wrath and anger plague and disease and fire and the whirlwinds from the far reaches of the Earth strike and is striking those Nations.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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