Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I at this time saith the I AM THAT I AM to thee O Israel that indeed did I not in the wilderness with thy fathers make a Covenant with them and warned them if they kept it not what should befall them and thus thereafter over the many centuries did I not keep the promises I made with thee when thou didst obey all the words of the Covenant did I not prosper Israel and kept thee safe from all of thine enemies and when they came up against thee to defeat thee and make of the Nation of Israel and Judah a desolation to make the Land of Promise their own what did I? Did I not destroy all of them so that the ceased to exist from the face of the Earth. Thus also was it not so that I did, when the Children of Israel kept not to the Covenant I made with them even thy fathers in the wilderness by the hand of Moses My servant, did I not punish the Children of Israel most severely even by the sending of them into Captivity making of the Land of Promise a desolated land remember Babylon Remember all of those Nation that sought to defeat thee and rob thee of thine inheritance remember the times of Jerusalem’s destruction at the hands of thy captors remember all of the times I took thee from thy captivity because thou didst turn back to obeying from the heart My Covenant with thee. But remember ye the last time I cast thee forth amongst the Nations how in Mine anger I scattered thee abroad and did give the Land of Promise into the hands of another people who did scatter thee amongst the Nation of the Earth and did destroy the House to My Name and set up therein the abomination that made desolate the Land of Promise and did I not cause thee to wander amongst the Nations until just after the second World war even as I said I would. But still it is that thou do not wholly keep from thy heart fully to the Covenant that I made with thy fathers in the wilderness. I have kept My promises unto thee I have restored unto thee all the Land of Promise it is thine and none others each any every part thereof which I gave unto Abraham by promise that all the Land where on his foot should tread should be his and his descendents and that forever. Thus it is at this time ye yet posses it not wholly and ye do suffer conflict at the hands of those who possessed it before I returned it unto thee and would again if they could. All that hath been done and is being done and the Word I do set before thee hath all been ordained from the beginning go through My Word written down go through all the Words of the Covenant read them out to thyselves and unto the people then it is that thou wilt see that nothing that hath been done unto this day is by chance it is By Mine own hand and so it is now I say unto thee to hear My Voice return unto Me and return unto the keeping of the Covenant that I made with thee thou and all of Israel and it is that thou wilt posses all of the Land of Promise and prosperity and peace My peace shall inhabit all of the Land of promise and thou shalt once more be My Holy People and I thy redeemer and thy God. Remember the Words of King David when he went up to the House to My Name even the House of the Lord thy God and read in the hearing of all the people in My House all the words from the Book of the Covenant and then stood by a pillar and made a covenant with Me to keep all of My Holy Commandments and testimonies and statutes with all of his and the peoples hearts and souls to perform all the Words of The Covenant written in the book of the Covenant and all of the people stood up promising to keep all the Words of the Covenant with the King all the days of their lives. Thus now it is that all the Words of the book of the Covenant should be read out in the hearing of all Israel and the promise made by King David and all of the Children of Israel should again now be renewed to obey all the Word of the Covenant and to keep all of My Commandments Holy Laws and statues with all of their hearts. But and if this is not done and all of Israel refuses to heed My Words and to obey all the Words of the Covenant though it shall not be that I cast thee forth from the Land of Promise ever again thus shalt it be that My Wrath and anger against thee shall most surely be provoked and |I shall punish thee with poverty and not prosperity shall plague thee and the fruitfulness the now the land produces shall vanish and also peace shall be taken from the Land even More so than it is now also even though Jerusalem is My City and place where on the House to My Name once stood wherein My Name and My presence dwelt shall remain as is this day and only when thou and all the people do promise to keep to the Words of My Covenant to heed and obey all that is written therein with all of thy hearts shall peace and prosperity be returned and the House to My Name rebuilt and My Name and My presence returned to the House to My Name. For only by the keeping from the Heart My Holy Covenant shall Israel once more truly be My People and I their God and Saviour.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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