Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time saith the Lord God unto thee that the day of My wrath is now come upon the Earth and shall not cease till all that hath been set down in My Word has been totally and full accomplished for these days are set for the rise and fall of many upon the Earth even the heads of those Nations that walk contrary to My Holy Laws and Commandments these shall fall at this time and shall rise no more even all the wicked immoral and lawless heads of the Nations of the Earth. Many have said as concerning the storms now that hath befallen thee are unpredictable and some have called the weather patterns crazy but this hath been done by Me so that ye may know and understand that it is I alone who hath created the heavens and the Earth and all of what thou doth call Nature and that it is at My Command. A warm weather pattern moving up to the arctic circle and the freezing weather pattern from the arctic circle moving down into Europe how could this have come about except I had done it as a testimony that all of Nature is at My command either to nurture the Earth so that the seasons of the Earth do cause the land to bear fruit at harvest time and doth rest from its labours in the winter when the leaves of the trees fall and the creature do hibernate or the fowls of the air move to other lands for survival. That when obedience to all of My laws and commandments by mankind do cause those Nations to prosper in whatsoever they do. But also as hath been set before thee that My weapons are also those of Nature and of the Earth itself for there is nothing upon the Earth in it or in the heavens above that happens without Me for all the Earth the seasons the weather the movement of the Earth the stars in their course are Mine to command for I say and it comes to pass and command and it is done. All the winds from the far reaches of the Earth I have set in their course where they are coming from and where they are going to. I it is who doth cause the Earth to tremble and the volcano to erupt to cause the Earth to bring forth plenty and doth also cause famine to strike the Earth when mankind doth commit all manner of immorality wickedness and disobedience of all of My Most Holy Laws and commandments. Thus also it is as I did in Egypt so have I done since many a time brought the same plagues upon mankind as punishment for disobedience to My Holy Laws and Commandments. But now it is that at this time in the day of My wrath and anger when I come to punish the inhabitants of the Earth as said in times past this day would befall mankind all that hath been set down as concerning this day of troubles shall be accomplished unto perfection nothing upon the Earth shall be as it hath been till all of the Earth is cleansed of all that pollutes it even all of the immorality wickedness cruelty towards each other and especially the children of the Earth against the homeless the poor the elderly the orphan the sick the deaf the lame and the blind of mankind. Only those upon the Earth that shall escape this day are those of mankind or those Nations that do adhere to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as I have so set down in My Word. But I say this any and all disobedience or the breaking of any of My Holy Laws and Commandments shall be punished even according to those Laws and Commandments and the punishment thereof shall not tarry, but Judgement shall be tempered with mercy where necessary. For as I am a Just so also I am merciful when repentance comes from the heart for to Me nothing is hidden no not even the thoughts and intents of the hearts of mankind I see all and know all therefore I Judge not by outward appearance but by the state of the hearts of mankind now and in the final Judgement when all have to give an account for their lives upon Earth before My Judgment throne.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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