Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the redeemer and saviour of mankind to thee that whilst the Parliament is in the state it’s in only disaster is in store for Britain as all parties instead of working together to ensure positive and prosperous outcome from Brexit the main parties that have been entrusted to govern this Nation by the people not for their own benefit but for the benefit of those who have elected them to the high office they now occupy. It matters not whoever is the Prime Minister as they alone do not Govern the country but all of those who are part of the Governments Cabinet if I can put it in thy vernacular the Prime Minister is but one cog in the machinery of Government and it is if all the cogs in hat machine are in sync then the country is being Governed as it should be but and if they are not then sooner or later the whole structure of Government will as with any machine break down and fall apart. All the infighting, the divisions and the disunity of both parties will result in disaster for this Nation when all of the parties in Parliament should cast aside their differences and start working together as they did in the Second World War to ensure a prosperous secure future not for Parliament alone but for the whole of the Nation. At this moment with both parties being in so much disarray this Nation is facing after Brexit an uncertain future is it not the job off all the MP’s and parties in Parliament to bring about unity in the whole of this United Kingdom to become a stronger Union of Nations that when once United can defeat as was shown the most terrible of enemies in the second World war along with their allies a Union of Nations as has been proven many times in the past can stand up against any enemy and also solve the most complex of problems and face up to and come through the darkest of days facing them. Disunity alone destroys both a Nation a Kingdom a Union of Nations and even the most powerful of Empires. A Nation a people a union of one mind and one heart and one goal can never and will never be stopped from attaining its goal and never be defeated no matter who comes up against it thus saith the Holy One of Israel the old human saying at this time applies United the country stands Divided the Nation will fall and if it is that if I am for thee saith the Lord God then a prosperous future awaits thee. Thus these three are and should be thy main principles Faith in Me and especially in each other Hope for the prosperous of futures and Love not only to Love Me saith the Lord God with all thy Mind Heart and Will but to love each other with the same fervour as I Love the whole of Humanity as was and is revealed in My Word as I said in My Word love thy neighbour as thy self and who is thy neighbour? But all those that ye meet in thy earthly life from day to day even as I said love also thine enemies do harm to no one and the Kingdom of the Heavens in the end will be thine.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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