Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as said for the punishment of the Nations I shall call forth the great destroying winds and the whirlwinds from the ends of the Earth to strike those Nation who have in the past committed the crimes of omission against the peoples of two Nations which have suffered horrendous cruelty rape murder and torture and the destruction of their homes and villages by their own Governments causing them to flee and become refugees in other lands and Nations. The crimes of omission being rather than take concrete action to end the horrendous cruelty murder rape and the destruction of those civilians homes and villages by fire and the bombing with weapons of mass destruction these Nations did sit on the side lines watching it happen before their very eyes and did nothing but use words of condemnation and resolutions that had little or no effect whatsoever and to this day continue to do so even participating in the action of another Nation in the middle East which is using bombing tactics to wipe out the rebels in Yemen only it is that instead of being successful in defeating the rebels the civilians are the ones that are being wiped out as proven in Syria with IS bombing tactics don’t work and had but a minimum effect in stopping that terrorist group the only way they were defeated both in Syria and in Iraq was by as thou wouldst put it boots on the ground the Kurds with the help of the west put an end to the terrorist group and in Iraq it was the Iraqi Army that defeated IS in Iraq. Bombing worked in the second World War only when the cities that were bombed were completely flattened and the only ones to realy suffer were civilians thus now in Syria that war in Damascus whilst bombing tactics are used will continue until not one human being exists and not one building is standing and that area but a pile of rubble only then will it end and the reluctance of both the Syrian regime and their allies to send in troops to defeat the rebels there only reveals what cowards they really are and how afraid they are of the rebels, thus also it is the same in Yemen. Thus amongst thee there is a saying actions speak louder than words and thus it is thy inaction doth speak volumes in as far as thy crimes of omission are concerned housing and helping refugees in their exile will never compensate for that which ye didn’t do only by creating the conditions for them to return to their homeland in safety and security to rebuild their homes and their lives will ever go some way to compensate for that which ye omitted to do. Thus it is as said I have called and command the great and furious winds and whirlwinds from the ends of the Earth to strike the Nations thus guilty of the crimes of omission and thus far hath it hath begun its passage across the Nations and will not cease until their mission is completed. But there three furious winds and whirlwinds yet to come upon the Nations from the East and the West and the South these shall come forth and strike those Nations in their paths as I have so ordained them to do so and these shall all fulfil their destiny wreaking havoc amongst those Nations that they do strike and shall continue until all they have been so commanded to do they have done saith the Holy One of Israel. Even the only true Eternal Living God and creator of all that is was and ever shall be.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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