Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Holy One of Israel thus far have I returned My People to the their own inheritance as promised but yet it is that My promise to Israel hath not been completed as hath been prophesied that I would do in the end of days and so shall it come to pass that I shall restore unto Israel her Kingdom and in the future when I fulfil the whole of My Promise she shall no longer be called the state of Israel but as in the past when David was anointed King after Saul over Israel so shall I restore King David’s Throne and a King shall sit thereon after My own heart that shall lead Israel and shall as did David when he took them out to fight against all of their enemies and did lead the back thereafter rejoicing in the victory won and giving thereof the praise to My Holy Name as did he unto Me for the victory I gave them. The one that I shall chose shall rule with the wisdom of Solomon and shall cleanse the Land of promise of all that doth pollute it and shall restore unto Israel the House to My Name and though he shall rule with an iron hand yet shall his rule be Just tempered with mercy and shall lead all of My People in all the ways of righteousness even according to My Holy Laws and Commandments in that Day Israel shall prosper and be at peace with all the Nations around about no longer shall My people follow after the ways of the Nations nor bow down to their Idols and whomsoever that shall come up against them to defeat them and to remove them from the Kingdom of Israel shall be defeated and shall return unto their own lands bowing their heads in shame. For though as compare with the Nations of the Earth Israel is but a small Kingdom yet she has as her defender the Lord God of the whole of creation for it is says the I AM THAT I AM whomsoever I am for to defend shall never suffer defeat and whomsoever I am against shall never taste the sweet wine of victory. Thus this is a warning to the Nations of the Earth fight against Israel and ye fight against Me and the only drink thou shalt taste is the soured wine of defeat.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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