Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of mankind even unto thee at this time in as far as disobedience to My Holy Laws and Commandments as set down in My Word is concerned yet all the Nations have heeded not the warnings sent forth especially in as far as My Moral Laws and Commandments are concerned that the disobedience thereof shall if it doth continue upon the Earth shall provoke the fullest fury of My Wrath descend upon any and all of those who do break the slights of them and that upon the breaking of the major ones the penalty thereof is everlasting damnation in the bottomless pit forever for them there is no redemption no forgiveness and no mercy thus it is that whether or not thou doth study all of My Moral Laws as set down and revealed in My Word yet on the fleshy tablets of the whole of the hearts of mankind are written those of My Moral Laws which if disobeyed do result in the ultimate punishment for the breaking thereof even being cut off from Me and destined to the pit forever of which there is no forgiveness and no redemption no mercy whatsoever. Thus it is that when My major moral laws as set down in My Word are broken the hearts of mankind do warn them of the danger they are in if they break or disobey them for as said all of My Major Moral Laws are written on the fleshy tablets of the hearts of mankind thus what mankind calls the conscience doth warn of the consequences of breaking those moral Laws even being cast into the bottomless pit forever after Judgement even that place thou doth call hell. But that which is called by mankind conscience is in fact the Holy Spirit Roach Hakodesh warning any of mankind before hand of the consequence of breaking My Moral Laws and after breaking them doth condemn those who have broken or disobeyed My Holy Laws and Commandments revealing to them the punishment of their crimes sins in the breaking thereof that they shall suffer. But one point herein is to be noted and that is why doth mankind call that which warns them of the consequences of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments their conscience and not acknowledge that it is that their conscience is in fact Roach Hakodesh or the Holy Spirit that warns or condemns them of the consequences of the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and condemns them when they do resulting in their guilty feelings for He is as I am everywhere at the at once and place who works out My Will and purpose in the whole of creation. Mainly it is if they acknowledged that their conscience was in facts the Holy Spirit or Roach Hakodesh then they would have to acknowledged My existence and that then at the end of their days upon Earth they along with all of mankind have to face Me in Judgement giving and answer for their life on Earth and the condemnation they faced for breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and moral Laws and their reward for all the righteous acts in their lives on earth and the good they did to and for others. Well it is for all of mankind to heed and obey all of My Laws and Commandments as are set down in My Word especially My Moral laws for which the disobedience thereof hath cause the downfall of many Nations Empires and Civilizations one of special note that I cause to fall to the dust of the ground to be no more was the Roman Empire for it Immorality debauchery cruelty and the devastation caused to the My People and the Land of Promise and the great wickedness idolatry and lewdness killing that in the end existed at its heart.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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