Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel unto thee an answer to the question why has the British Empire and commonwealth lasted as long as it has? There is but one answer which also answers another question why did it fall when it did and then in its darkest hour not only survive but conquered its enemies and the enemies of Europe with the help of its Allies. One answer is that pride and arrogance ruled in the hearts and minds of the government and the people of Britain, Europe and America before the beginning of the first World war also decadence immorality and the casting aside all obedience to My Holy Laws and Commandments of which Britain repented not of till the beginning of the second World war when the conquest of Europe had reached its height and Britain was the last refuge of the Nations of Europe and stood alone against what the people saw as an unconquerable enemy then it was that as a Nation Britain turned from its wicked ways humbled itself before Me and sought My help with all of their hearts so much so that it did turn their defeat into victory the beginning of which was the battle of Britain. Thus I did also cause the disaster that befell the conquerors of Europe in Russia. The last defeat for Britain and the rude awakening to the true state of the British Empire came at Dunkirk and the Uniting of Britain once more as one Nation seeking My help came in the Blitz when by accident London was Bombed. As was then so also is now the diversity of its culture and the willingness of Britain to aid help and defend the weak the poor and the vulnerable of the Earth are the strengths of the British people. But the weaknesses that must be cleansed from this Nation are pride arrogance greed and hardness of the hearts of rich and powerful it is the hearts of the every ordinary man woman and child of the Nation that are the strength of this Nations for without them this Nation could not be the Nation it is they are the backbone of Britain and when hard pressed and their backs against the wall do not sink in to the pit of despair and defeat but come out fighting to defend their homes their families and their Nation and what is their first reaction when all the odds as thou doth say it are against them they kneel down and pray for My help in deep humility as one people and it is that I do answer their prayers and lift up their spirits and give them the strength not only to survive but have the determination to succeed and overcoming all their difficulties and defeating all of their enemies. But when they have defeated an enemy this people do show mercy as they did with the allies with both Germany and Japan they rebuilt their cities restored their economy after the war and set them on the road to the prosperity they now enjoy. If this Nation and its allies had not done so their recovery would have taken many decades but not only these two but many of the European Nations are now as prosperous as they are because of Britain and her allies. But the main point to be set forth is that pride arrogance tyranny cruelty persecution the enslavement of a people and Nation and the breaking of all Moral Laws in any and all Nations, Kingdoms or Empires leads in the end but to one destination its downfall and destruction Britain came within an hairs breadth of suffering the same down fall and destruction as that of other Nations and Empires and if it had not turned from its wicked immoral and arrogant and complacent ways would not be in existence at this time. The fall of Empires from the very first till the fall of the most recent I has been when in their arrogance and pride they do exalt themselves to the heights of heaven it is by My hand that they are cast down and destroyed and so it shall be till the end when Judgment day dawns upon mankind with humility comes prosperity and success and My protection but arrogance and pride are the for runners of wickedness immorality and the down fall and destruction of any Nation, Kingdom and Empire especially when their leaders think of themselves greater than the I AM THAT I AM even the only true God redeemer and saviour and creator of mankind seeking to go about even to the extent of trying to prove I exist not and am not the creator of all life on Earth from whom all life hath in the Universe originated.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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