Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of mankind unto thee at this time as concerning the Leader of a mighty Nation seemly set on taking it down the road to a catastrophic disaster for the whole of the Nation, for he is seeking to Govern his country as if it were a business the principles of which are diametrically opposed to the way in which a Nation is and should be governed. The first and the main principle which is becoming more self evident is that this one has the mindset of the head or owner of a business or corporation which is self orientated for all heads of businesses or the head of a corporations are concerned about is their overheads seeking for them to be as low as the can make them and their profit margins to be as high as they can get them resulting in healthy bank balances. In as far as their employees are concerned the only concern they have is that they are getting what they pay their wages for the harder they work the more they produce the more they sell the more they are satisfied with their employees performances to their employers they are little better than slaves and if they could get away with paying slave wages they would. But the Governing of a Nation on the other hand is opposite to the business mind set. The government of a Nation is elected by the people to govern on their behalf not for the good of those in Government but for the good of the Nation as a whole for each and every citizen, to set in place the means necessary for their health, welfare, prosperity and security especial in as far as trading on the Worlds global trading stage which is to make the country in as far as possible a fair global trading partner seeking to make the country open to world trade on a fair one to one trading basis. Restrictive or penalising trading practices such as imposing unfair trading tariffs, taxes or customs duties leads to one of two scenarios of which now that Nation is on the brink of one of them, a trade war and a trade war based upon the past trading practices of the Leader of this Nation will lead to more than just a trade war it will lead to crippling isolationism. A trade war means competing Nations fighting each other to win the best trade deals whilst Isolationism because of unfair trading practices can lead to the fair trading Nations of the World being unwilling to trade with the Nation that has unfair trading practices. In a trade war one Nation will seek to undermine the trading potential of another Nation by offering better deals either on selling or buying. But a Nation using unfair trading practices in other words as said high import tariffs, taxes or customs duties is not seeking a trade war nor willing to isolate his nation intentionaly from the rest of the World trade wise but his practice will lead to one of the two the later being inevitable. The Leader seeking to run a Nation on a business basis has but a one tracked mind low imports high exports low overheads, material and transportation costs in other word selling not buying. Thus this leader is seeking to buy materials and goods as cheap as he can get them and selling his Nation products for the highest price he can get for them and by charging high import tariffs, taxes and customs duties he is just doing that. But what about production overheads he as business man is on the side of the businesses of that Nation not their employee’s yes he has brought down taxes but will that mean wages will follow suit. Low wages low overheads high profit margins healthy bank balances how far is that from being a slave like culture?

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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