Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even I who was is and ever shall be without beginning or end and in whom exists the whole of creation THE I AM THAT I AM who am without limitations infinitely perfect in every way I who demand of mankind perfect perpetual obedience to My Holy Laws and Commandments upon pain of death. Who shall by no means acquit the guilty of disobedience to all of My Holy Laws especially My Moral Law in whom mankind moves and lives and has their being and without whom life could not exist on Earth that doth exist also nothing that has does and shall happen can do so without Me saith the Lord God of Hosts. I it is who is most merciful to the penitent heart as well as being the just Judge of the wicked and immoral of mankind. Thus say I remember My warnings as concerning the actions and words of peace that are coming from the mouth of the North Korean Leader are not the warnings given coming to pass and are his words just a means to an end even the Unity of North and South Korea with him and his regime the sole government of a United Korea. Thus say I how do the deceivers deceive the unwary and in the end who are the deceivers and the deceived like the saying goes one man sows and another reaps the harvest and both are partakers thereof but the question must be who is the sower and who in the end will be the reaper of this harvest, thus in that land are the seeds being sown seeds of peace and prosperity for both Nations or are they seeds that will produce a future conflict leading to the downfall of one government and the rise of another over all of the peninsular. The path to peace in that Nation should be tread very carefully and without hast. Careful consultation should always be taken for wise council preserves the way of the upright only a fool heeds not wise council and rushes down the path that leads to a fall and shame. Thus saith the Lord God I it is that knoweth the end from the beginning and in as far as the two Korean Nations are concerned there are thick dark clouds gathering on the horizon for one of the two. There are two that are going to fall in the very near future one in the far east the other in Europe because of its unwillingness to reform its political system and the signs of that Union of Nations demise thereof are becoming more and more self evident as more and more of its members are becoming dissatisfied with its resistance to change and reform in as far as global trade and border controls are concerned. The strict adherence to its rules and regulations on border control and the single market and lack of reform on global trade and finance shall be its undoing but more so on border control and the lack of secure borders between member states. But there are many now watching what happens when the UK final leaves the EU if prosperity and success and a greater freedom trading with the rest of global trading Nations ensues will encourage many into following the British example the only reason all voices remain silent is because of the fear mongering going on in the EU by many politicians so if Britain begins to prosper once having left; which will come to pass; will silence the scaremongers forever and this is what the EU is worried about is that it will encourage others to leave and become independent global trading Nation on the Worlds stage the EU more worried about the future after the UK leaves than the UK is worried about leaving for to the EU it is about the lose one of its most valuable members and assets.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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