Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time in as far as the North Korea peace proposal with the South and the friendly relations between the two states the Leader of North Korean states if the security of his nation can be guaranteed then he would proceed to denuclearise his Nation so that a peace processes could ensue between North and South Korea the assurance of guaranteed security for his Nation precludes that at the moment the security of his Nation is under threat so looking at it from his perspective who or what Nation does he see as a threat to North Korean security and peace Not China Nor Vietnam nor any other Nation in the Far East there is only America and its allies that the North Korean Leader sees as a threat to is Nation and that as seen from past events and threats by the American leader who he provoked by the institution of his nuclear missile program stating in the end that he had developed a missile capable of reaching the American mail land but to him the threat was the American Military on Korean soil not the American mainland soil so what guarantees would he require for the denuclearization to commence and peace negotiations to proceed would it not be the removal of what he considers as the immediate threat to his Nations security which is the American Military on South Korean soil and in the immediate vicinity but what about Japan would that to have to have American military withdrawn so that negotiation could commence between North and South. Having got an agreement from the American Government to withdraw the majority if not all of American forces from South Korea and the surrounding region he then would proceed to denuclearize his Nation. The question must be will he then still present a danger to South Korea indeed he will in as far as his military machine is concerned once there is no American military to backup and support the South Korea the North’s Military machine is a very real and present danger to the South’s security and with Chinas attitude changing towards America because of its leaders changing America global trading policy North Korea would see in China an ally. Thus it is if he is seeking security assurance from mainly America what about the South’s security what assurances can he give to the South that he will not use his military might to take over the South leading to North South unity by force under his and his regimes rule. The only way for the South’s security to be assured is not only denuclearization but demilitarization to the level of only a reasonable defence force remaining in place. But what also has to be considered even if all is agreed can he and his government be trusted knowing the way in which he governs his own Nation and the same dream he has that his father and grandfather had for a unity of Korea with their government and leader at its head. His ambition has always been for North and South to be reunited as one whole Nation and not just two states at peace with each other. Once the American threat to his Nations security was removed the size of his Military machine could easily overwhelm the South’s leading to a Northern take over. The haste and eagerness of the American Leader to meet with and discus peace and denuclearization with the North Korean leader and a peace treaty agreed on; even if denuclearization goes ahead North Korean conventional military size is a very present threat to the South’s security thus this hasty move by the Americas Leader is a very dangerous one if peace negotiations commence and American Leader agrees to removes what the North Korean Leader considers a threat to his Nation security which would leave South Korea vulnerable to a North Korean invasion which could be likened to Hitler’s blitz Krieg in the second World war leading to a complete takeover by North Korea of the whole of the Korean peninsula in a matter of days long before America could come to South Koreas aid. Thus the only way the security of both the North’s and South’s security can be guaranteed is by the presence of American military forces remaining in South Korea if he agreed to even a token military force on Korean soil then it could be assumed that his desire for peace is genuine but if he does not agree it can be assumed that his quest for peace is a means of getting rid of the only threat not only to his Nations security but to his ambitions for the whole of the Korean peninsula.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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