Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time as I put forth My commandment as concerning the shooting of seventeen high school students and other children killed by the actions of mass shooters of different ages in America of which because of the inaction of the American Government make them complicit after the fact in the shootings if they have not and do not take sufficient action to bring these shootings to an end by aggressive gun control. My commandment “THOU SHALT NOT KILL AND WHOM SOEVER DOTH SHALL BE IN DANGER OF BEING CAST INTO THE PIT/HELL,” Must be applied unto those through inaction who do allow these killings to continue when indeed they have the power to stop these shootings happening in the main through gun control in the first place. Yes indeed if immediate inaction in the first instance whilst is inexcusable is understandable but inaction now in the present circumstance when these shootings are rife throughout America is downright irresponsible and is utterly condemned by Me saith the only true Living God I who hold the lives of all children most precious in My sight and whose blood doth call out to Me from the ground for Justice to be executed upon all of those who commit these acts and all of those who through inaction fail to take adequate measures to bring these killings to an end. By bowing down to the will of the American gun lobby shows how weak the American Government really is and who in this instance really Governs America and begs the question will the American leader ever see another term in office? This American Government is supposed to govern not just for one section of the American public no matter how much influence in Government they have but for all of the American people throughout America. The Gun Lobby cites Just one section of the American constitution but what about the rest of the American constitution what about the rights of the American public to live in peace and security free from the fear of these shooting happening to their children. But there is one point that thy weak Leader is seeking to do hoping to calm both the American public and the Gun Lobby with banning certain automatic gun conversions and the program of arming and train teachers to carry weapons in schools it must be pointed out that this program can and will make the school environment more dangerous for if another mentally deranged person after acquiring automatics weapons goes on a school shooting spree there is every possibility that the shooter is suicidal and even if not school children and students would be caught in the cross fire when the teachers acts to defend the children or students. Thus saith I unto thee if adequate action is not taken to protect the high school children and students and others of any Nation from being killed or injured in their class rooms or in other venues then in wrath and anger I shall command My servant who wields the sword of My Vengeance to go forth and strike such Governments and Nations. So that they may learn how precious children of any Nation are unto Me for of such is My Kingdom of Heaven.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.


from the prophet of the Lord

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