Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creations My anger hath been provoked by those who have committed all manner of atrocities in aiding the Tyrant of Syria these all shall suffer the sword of My vengeance striking them as they have struck the innocent civilians of Syria for this and the most recent crimes of the allies of the Syrian Leader in the usage of the same weapons not only in Syria but also in other Nations of which they vehemently deny and block any investigations into the usage of weapons of mass destruction and banned substances in Syria and else were which they would not do if they had nothing to hide thus it is that I saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven shall command He who wields the sword of My vengeance to strike the guilty Nations who have partaken in the usage of such weaponry. Thus say I as have afore said all the hidden things of darkness shall I bring out into the light thus it is whilst those responsible for committing a crime against the UK is hidden from its Government it is not hidden from Me saith the Lord God of Host I know whom thou art and as ye have so blatantly carried out this crime so shall I Judge and punish thee as thou deservest. But also so shall I warn all the guilty Nations of the Earth of My wrath and anger to befall them and My Word of Warning shall then shall action by Me saith the Lord of Host follow on the heels in bringing disasters upon those Nations that have heeded not My Word of Warning and then it is that I shall strike those Nations in the full fury of My wrath and anger and as they have not heeded Me so shall I not heed their pleas when death and destruction do descend upon them casting them down unto the dust of the ground. Thus have I said that all the Nations that do turn from their wicked and immoral ways and from the paths of unrighteousness and disobedience to obey from their hearts all of My Holy Laws and commandments by the only true Faith in the Messiah then it is that I shall bless and protect them from all of their enemies, their enemies shall become My enemies and any of their enemies that do desire to do them harm and fight against them to destroy them in any way whatsoever then let them beware for if they fight against Me they fight not against flesh and blood but against the Lord God of the whole of creation. Thus it is no matter how mighty their armies and destructive their weapons of war they are nought to the weapons I can and shall wield against them. Thus this warning goes out to the mighty Nations of the Earth that seek to harm Nations weaker than themselves thinking they can do as they please with those Nations ignoring and disrespecting their sovereignty committing all manner of crimes in their lands with impunity think that there will be no consequences well they will find out there will be consequence from He who protects the weak the poor the vulnerable who shall indeed recompense them for all of their crime even in devastating their crops causing drought to plague their lands and send upon their flocks and herds all manner of pestilence and disease and also cause the mountains to be split asunder and rain down fire upon their heads and dry up their river lakes and reservoirs and shall cause the Earth to shake their buildings so that they descend into the dust of the ground no matter how resistant they think their building are to such shakings of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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