Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time well it is that the West has reacted to this attack in the way it has especially the UK which to those of the government of a mighty Eastern Nation even Russia and its Leader was totally unexpected after the last attack on a Russian defector expecting the UK government to react in the same way it did to the last attack on British soil and until many western Nations sided with the UK expected to suffer little or no consequences thus the attitude of the Russian Government at first to the accusations made by the British Government, But now it is starting to worry over what actions the rest of the western Nations might take with the UK in retaliation to its attack on UK soil in the manner and way it did. Russia ever since its actions in the Crimea and the Ukraine and also in Syria has held the West in contempt considering it being weak and ineffective in stopping Russia doing what it has done in the Ukraine the Crimea and Syria and is still doing whilst the Western Nations are sitting on the side lines letting it and the Syrian Government get away with murdering the civilians of Ghouta and of doing the same in the past in as far as Aleppo was concerned Russia and Syria have much to answer for along with the rest of Syria’s Allies. These will in the end have to answer for all of the atrocities they have committed in Syria and elsewhere for it is when the sword of My wrath and anger and vengeance goes forth to strike the wicked off the Earth even all the immoral and disobedient and unbelieving Nations of the Earth then it is that these Nations shall be the first to suffer at My Hand saith the Lord God of Host. Thus it is that these Nations even the allies of the Syrian Government believe because My wrath and anger and vengeance has not instantly descended upon them that it will not do so that in effect all the warnings I have sent forth are so much blowing in the wind so much hot air that I am but seeking though fear in promising My wrath and anger to befall them if they continue upon their present path to change direction thou it was My hope they would do so yet it is that knowing the hearts of the those involved are fixed upon the course and direction they are taking which will inevitably lead to their fall and destruction but because of whom I AM thus give I these the chance to change direction well as I have said in the past I have no pleasure even in the death of the wicked and thus its Justice must be done and seen to be done and with these and so shall it be at the time a place I have appointed it so to be done. Thus it is that even if I held back My wrath and anger and vengeance the Law I set down for the expanse of mankind’s life which is fixed at the appointed time when every person’s life has to come to an end so it doth. For it is By Me appointed for all of mankind once to die and then come before Me in Judgment and all is done as set down in My Word. Well is that statement I set down in My Word “vanity of vanities saith the teacher all is vanity.” So it is with all of mankind, all of mankind are born into the World and Labour all of their lives gather around them lands power and wealth and a multitude of goods considering not that their time on Earth is limited and then when it is their appointed time have to leave it all behind better a beggar in the streets at that moment than a rich person in their mansion or mansions for the beggars hath nothing to leave behind only misery hardship and the ravages of time and the rich man all that they have accumulated which shall be passed into other hands for others to profit thereby. So it is also with those in high office of Emperors and Kings President and Prime Minister the corruption of the grave awaits their bodies and Judgment awaits their souls whether they believe it not as hath been proven and revealed to My servant.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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