Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as My Holy Laws and Commandments by which all of mankind shall be and are thus Judged and shall be Judged, My Judgment is governed by the Laws and Commandments as delivered to Israel on Horeb by Mosher/Moses as thou doth so name him and as with Israel so with all of mankind they are fixed and immutable unchangeable forever of which there is no escape from but one and that is the true and only promised Messiah there is no other way whereby any of mankind can be saved from the Judgement and Wrath to come in these last days and at the time when the whole of mankind and all of Israel shall come before Me to be Judged and for the disobedience and the unbelief thereof there is but one punishment but that being said the whole of mankind hath one sentence upon it from the first rebellion and disobedience to My commandment by which I commanded Adam and Eve not so to do of which when tempt did do and thus brought upon themselves and whole of their descendants that thou doth call original sin the punishment of death Spiritual and eventual death physical the delay awarded so that if it were possible through the promise of the Saviour to come even the Messiah mankind might through the promise Messiah be saved from the wrath to come by accepting Him as their saviour and redeemer. But apart from Him there is no salvation whereby any can be saved and avoid being banished to the bottomless pit/hell forever. For it is in My Kingdom none can enter therein who are unwilling to do My Will for the will of mankind the World the flesh and the Adversary whom thou callest the devil is contrary to My Will saith the Holy One of Israel and as with any Kingdom on Earth any who are not willing to obey the Laws of that Kingdom Nation or State and live peaceably and for the benefit of that Kingdom Nation or State and its Monarch or Government are not welcome and cannot live in that Kingdom Nation or State as one of its citizens and are libel to be banished there from. Thus it is that mankind should take heed of My Words of warning and obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments which are set down in My Word for as said My Holy Laws and Commandments are fixed and immutable and unchangeable and only if mankind doth repent seeking forgiveness for the breaking thereof can mercy if obedience be forth coming from the heart being willing to do My Will on Earth as it is done in the Kingdom of Heaven. If forgiveness is not sought by that way as set down in My Word how then can I give it in mercy and Loving Kindness for My Words set down are not empty Words even seek and ye shall find and ask and it shall be given full measure knock and the door to My Kingdom shall be opened unto thee. But the way and the means thereof are set down in My Word thus as it is written and as afore said there is but only one way mankind can be save and by that way as revealed in My Word alone, Make no mistake the Judgement and the rule of My Holy Laws and Commandments even My Moral Laws are coming to Judge mankind and to rule over all the Earth without exception as hath been revealed and set forth in My Word through the prophets of past and present ages and it shall come to pass that I saith the Lord God of the who of the creation and Universe shall rule with a rod of Iron over all the Earth.


This is the Word of the Lord |God unto thee


from the prophet of the Lord.

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