Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord God of the whole of creation war is coming to this civilization the seed hath been sown and is about bear fruit the fruit of war and conflict between Nations not over disputes betwixt Nations or between cultures peoples or religions as hath recently gone before nor internal civil wars nor because of ethnic cleansing. All these will pale into significance as to that which is coming that will indeed herald of the end of a civilization even the recent posturing and threats that have recently arisen will fade into forgetfulness. Thus what is the major cause of this coming conflict between the Nations of the Earth which even now has begun and is in its infancy it will be over one resource that under pins the whole of this Earths civilization as other resources have under pined other civilizations Nations Kingdoms and Empires in the past slavery and conquest being just a couple. Thus this major resource which is limited and is diminishing in as far as the major Nations are concerned far faster than expected and the search for other sources of this resource has become a priority. But is not producing the results necessary for this civilization to continue using this major resource as it is and has done in the past and as the search intensifies so will the possession of this resource be defended at all cost. Then any discovery of new sources will be the source of conflict. But as said the seeds of the conflict to come has already been sown and springing up. Thus it is where will this coming conflict come about and what is the resource that will be the cause one resource upon which all the Nations rely Oil and the first conflict is on its way and the region is the Middle East and the Nation where it begins is Syria. America now is in possession of Syria’s oil fields and will not relinquish possession to the Syrian government thus the Syrian Government with the aid of its allies who have aided the Syrian Government being promised access to Syria’s oil resources in payment for their help to defeat the rebels and their allies but it ends not there for Turkey invaded Syria with the aim of ridding itself of the threat to its Borders by the Kurds but that is not the only reason for Turkeys invasion of Syria it too has its eyes on Syria’s oil fields. Thus if Syria seeks to take back its oil felids from the Americans by force how will the Americans retaliate and if the Kurds ally themselves with the Americans in defence of the Oil fields will Turkey then seek to take possession of the Oil fields from the Kurds and the Americans for itself. What would happen to this Civilization if suddenly oil ran out just consider what the effect would be on the worlds transport system total and almost immediate shut down, total collapse and what about the search for an alternative for this resource to little too late. But thou hast to consider also My Judgment coming upon this civilization for its wickedness corruption inhumanity cruelty tyranny immorality and a total lack of taking care of it sick its poor its elderly orphans homeless of protecting civilians suffering persecution causing them to become refugees in other lands and those suffering at the hands of cruel tyrants but most of all because of its breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments especially My Moral Laws I have set before thee many warnings that have fallen upon deaf ears and blinded eyes to My Word. Thus I did warning thee of the consequences of thy disobedience unbelief and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments thus now it is if thou doth not obey from the heart all of My Holy Laws and commandments even My Moral Laws thou hast been warned of the consequences that will befall the whole of this civilizations it shall fall and as said the process hath begun because of the hardness of thy heart I know that thou wilt take none heed of My Word but I it is who shall give thee none excused to say thou was not warned of the wrath and anger to come upon thee. As said the process hath begun in the Middle East but not this alone but also in the Earth beneath for it is that the Earth quakes of the past have seemed mild and caused little damage and almost no loss of life but these were not intended to cause devastation on the face of the Earth but in the Earth below creating deep within the Earth caverns beyond thy reach. Thus it was as I warned thee that if thou turned not from thy wicked and immoral and disobedient ways that I could drain the present oil fields of oil deep into the Earth beyond thy reach and so shall it be if thou doth continue on the path and the direction thou art going. The end of this civilization need not happen if thou had turned from thy wicked and immoral and corrupt and disobedient ways for the resources that under pin the civilization are limited and at the rate thou of the Nations are using them they would not have lasted much longer but if thou had turned unto Me then I could have preserved this civilization long enough to find other resources that would have allowed it to continue but this I say even so not as it doth now it hath reach its pinnacle the top of its mountain as so to speak and now there is but only one way it can go. This tower of Babel as that built by Nimrod seeking the heights of heaven and was cast down and the people scattered so also shall this tower of Babel that this civilization hath built seeking the heights of heaven doing what Nimrod sought to do be cast down for I have set the boundary beyond which mankind cannot and will not go. That no matter what source of energy thou doth seek to use to traverse the heavens that thou calls outer space will fail the Earth and its physical resource are finite as is the whole of the physical Universe and it is I and My Kingdom that are infinite and limitless and perfect in height depth and extent and is eternal.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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