Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee as afore said it is that this wicked and immoral civilization shall fall never to rise ever again for the days of My Wrath and anger are upon thee even upon all the wicked, disobedient and immoral of mankind who believe not in Me nor in the true and only Messiah even the eternal Passover Lamb who shed blood upon the doors and lintels of the hearts of mankind show who and who doth not belong unto Me and are called by My Name even called children of the only true Living God and I it is who hath redeemed of all of those who do belong unto Me. Thus the days hath come and now is when the harvest of the Earth is ready for the reaping thereof and thus it shall be that I saith the Holy One of Israel shall indeed reap the harvest of the Earth and shall separate the wheat from the chaff the wheat shall be gathered into My store house and the chaff shall be taken to be burned in the fire the wheat are all of those who belong unto Me and the chaff are all of the wicked, rebellious, immoral unbelievers of the Earth who know not Me nor desire to do so who obey not all of My Holy Laws Commandments and statutes which I have set down in My Word and have by the hand of Moses delivered unto My People I made with them to keep and walk therein all the days of their Lives and if they keep them not but break the covenant I made with them and do refuse to keep My covenant and Statutes as revealed in My Word then of a surety it is that all who refuse to keep My Covenant and obey all My Laws and Commandments that they shall surely feel the full fury of My wrath and anger being poured out upon them as so in the past I have punished them so shall I do so at this time but it is if this time they rebel then for them there is no turning back no repentance no forgiveness only a certainty of being cast in to the bottomless pit even sheol forever after coming before My Judgment seat being Judged and sentence passed. Thus it is and shall be that the reaping of the harvest of the Earth will begin with Israel for as said in My Word Judgment shall begin at the House of God and My House shall be first where the reaping of the Harvest shall begin and I shall separate from among My people the wheat from the chaff the righteous from the wicked and the wicked shall be burned up in the fury of My wrath and anger to become as ash beneath the feet of the righteous as so shall it be with all the Nations of the Earth thereafter until all the harvest of the Earth hath been reaped and gathered in the wheat even the righteous of the Earth gathered into My Kingdom of Heaven and the chaff the wicked and rebellious and unbelievers of the Earth cast into the fire where there is weeping and wailing and a gnashing of teeth where the worm of torment dieth not even the bottomless pit sheol forever. The day I say unto thee that dreadful day even the days of wrath and anger as is set down and revealed in My Word are come upon all of mankind and shall not end until all hath been fulfilled as written and revealed and set down in My Word.

This i the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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