Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the whole of creation I it is who change not and shall do as I have sworn to do and that is to punish all the wicked, disobedient, immoral workers of iniquity of mankind who obey not through faith all of My Holy laws and Commandments even as I have revealed I would do even all of that which I have set down and revealed in My Word and through My servants the prophets throughout the ages. Thus as I said as concerning the harvest so hath the reaping thereof begun for I have commanded the workers even the Hosts of Heaven to go forth and to gather in My Harvest even the harvest of the Earth. Thus it is that the harvest which is ready for the reaping is the whole mankind and as it is with an earthly harvest so also it is with My Harvest both the righteous and the unrighteous shall be gathered in together and after the reaping as the chaff is separated from the wheat in an Earthly harvest so also it is in this harvest once My Harvest hath been gathered both the righteous and the unrighteous from the elderly to the young of mankind all shall be brought before My Judgment seat and there it is that the chaff shall be separated from the wheat the righteous through faith in the Passover Lamb even the Messiah from the wicked, the wicked shall be sent as is the chaff for the burning in the bottomless pit forever, the burning being the everlasting burning of regret suffered by all the wicked and the workers of iniquity and the persecutors of the righteous and innocent souls of mankind the regret that they did not turn from their wicked and disobedient and evil ways when they had the chance even the days when they poured scorn and derision on My servants for living holy pure and righteous lives in My sight witnesses to the Glory of My Holy Name and who shall be rewarded accordingly for it is though there is a great gulf fixed between the Bottomless pit even sheol and My Kingdom yet they shall see the reward being received by those who have lived holy and righteous lives upon the Earth and have been obedient through their faith in the righteousness of the Messiah to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. These days now come about hath been put before mankind since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden and as it is so hath it been throughout the ages all of mankind hath been warned of these days to come and therefore cannot use the excused of not being warned of that which in the end is to come upon the whole of mankind for if mankind had not been warned then they would have had an excuse claiming if they had been warned that they would have turned from the their wickedness and iniquity but now the wicked, disobedient, immoral workers of iniquity have none excuse and are therefore condemned unto the pit and sheol or the place thou callest hell forever. Therefore the harvest of the Earth which is being reaped shall continue until the last and final day then Judgment shall begin and the wicked shall be sent for the burning and the righteous to receive at My Hand saith the Lord of Hosts their eternal reward.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.


from the prophet of the Lord

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