Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I even I the Lord God of the Host of heaven unto the Nations well hath I warned thee that I will indeed rule all the Nations of the Earth with a rod of Iron and by the power and strength of My right hand even he which wields the sword of My vengeance and who shall resist him when I send him forth and command him to strike the mighty and powerful Nations of the Earth who think in their proud and arrogant hearts that none can defeat them none can cause their fall so that they are no more upon the face of the Earth. But it is as so set down in My Word that three nay four mighty Nations one by one are to fall to the dust of the ground and unto total and utter destruction and in their pride and arrogance they shall hardened their hearts and deafened their ears and blind their eyes so that they hear not nor see nor take to heart the warnings of the coming destruction of their mighty and proud Nations believing not the warnings sent forth of their coming destruction. Thus as so said these have believed not the warnings I have sent forth and as warned so shall the full measure of My wrath and anger be poured out upon them as I warned them of and have so ordained for it to come to pass. Well it is that they should take heed of that which already I have thus struck the western Nations thus fare with even massive hurricanes flood tidal waves Earth quakes whirlwind and fire, plague and famine drought and the icy winds from the ends of the Earth and the taking away of peace from the face of the Earth in diverse places of which is revealed in My Word that I would do in these last days for the only real lasting peace comes not betwixt Nation and Nation and betwixt peoples of Nations Cities Towns and Villages but between mankind and Myself for if all of mankind were at peace with Me how could they be at war with or fight against one another. This I say unto thee not according to the times and seasons and the desires of mankind shall My wrath and anger be poured out upon the Nations of the Earth, I am not subjected to the will of mankind to act at the time or in the instant mankind expects Me to do so, it is not the will of mankind that rules the Earth and the heavens that sets the times the seasons of the years but My Will alone that is done in the whole of creation. Mankind cannot dictate the birth or deaths of any human being on earth nor hath mankind set the stars in the heavens and fixed the Moon in its course or set the limits of the oceans. Can any of mankind speak as can I speak and it is so command and it is done in the time and place I so ordained to be so ? No! So why and how will these mighty Nations fall and be destroyed one by one the why is because of pride arrogance great wickedness and immorality and their inhumanity to their own people. One Nation of the for the slavery of a people taken from their own lands to suffer great depravation humiliation at the hands of their captors and who still to this very day treat these coloured people as second class citizens also for their arrogance pride unbelief and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments . The other two who in the past whose governments and leaders have slaughtered many more of their own people than died in two World wars these in their pride and arrogance think My Just Judgment hath past them by because these died at the hands of former governments and leaders but it hath not for not only are the leaders and governments guilty of these crimes but the Nations as a whole are to blame and shall suffer My full wrath and anger descending upon them. Also for their human rights record in the treatment of their own people, that which I have caused to descend upon the Western Nations especial one shall increase tenfold over the coming months and shall also descend upon the other two Nations. The fourth made up of many Nations shall also fall never to rise again struck by a stone made without hands on its foundations breaking it asunder and scattering it abroad no longer to exist upon the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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