Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Issac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee now at this time saith the Holy One of Israel the Lord God of the whole of creation now it is that My anger is aroused against the Nations of the Earth for it is that thou though warned from the wrath to come turn not from thy disobedience to all of My HOLY LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS ESCPECIALY MY MORAL LAW. Also that thou doth not see to the healing of the sick the clothing of the destitute taking care of thy orphans and fatherless children the elderly and the disabled as thou should have done so and thou of that Mighty Nation even America considers it possession of guns and weapons of more worth that the protection and lives of thy children from harm and that thou doth not see to the punishment of murderers rapist thieves and robbers of the poor and needy even as set down in My Law and Commandments and as thou should have done even the punishing of thy criminals to the full extent of thy laws as so should have been done to meet the requirements of true Justice. That thou doth not come to defend the defenceless but allow them to perish at the hands of Tyrants and dictators for these and many other sins and crimes of the Nation and especially this and the American Nation as said the full fury of My wrath and anger is aroused against thee and therefore I AM purposed to come and strike this Nation yea indeed smite both these Nations for their great wickedness with a curse of plagues and diseases of pestilence ravaging the crops of thy Nations so much so that thy bread and thy food that thou doth satiate thy selves with shall become more valuable that gold, silver and diamonds a plate of gold shall not buy a loaf of bread that also there shall be upon thy Nation a shortage of all types of fuel. The famines that once plagued the Nations of Africa and North Africa shall ravage thy Nations but not only shall My wrath and anger strike thy crops but bring drought upon all of thy land. Thou hast indeed thought I was altogether like unto thy selves thus it was that I held back My wrath and anger from striking the Nations of the Earth as they deserve to give the whole of mankind to chance to turn from the paths of disobedience great wickedness and the iniquity of their hearts and minds but now no longer shall I hold back no longer shall I refrain from striking each and every Nation especially the mighty arrogant Nations of the Earth and their Governments and the Leaders of their governments all the Nation are going to learn what it is to suffer at the hands of the living and only true God and creator of the whole Universe even the whole of creation whom I AM saith the Lord God of the heavens and the heaven of heavens and the whole of creation and thus it shall go on until all of mankind shall come to know with whom they have to do and who indeed is their Creator who hath brought them forth from the womb to walk in holiness purity and righteousness all of the days of their lives to become children unto Me and I a father unto the whole mankind but many of mankind rebelled and would not and in the past many have been cast into the bottomless pit but many also have turned unto Me and for this reason the days of wrath and anger and the cursing of the Earth even all the Nation of the Earth shall be shortened. For all who belong unto Me are precious in My sight and they it is I shall overshadow protect and prosper but all the wicked and disobedient of the Earth shall perish in the flames of My Wrath and anger forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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