Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even have I said I am about to in wrath and anger about to strike the Nations of the Earth with a devastating curse because of the wickedness of mankind and mankind’s disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and commandments but what more a curse would there be if I cut off what underpins the existence of the whole civilization of mankind and what underpins this civilization its source of energy that is necessary for its existence once it was coal that brought this civilization industrial revolution in the form steam generation and the creation of power stations to generate electricity first steam ran the transport system and the mills and factories then electricity took over the running of the mills and certain transport systems until oil took over everything rail road and air once wind ruled the seas and then steam and now oil and in the Navy to a certain degree Nuclear energy but in proportion to the energy produced by oil minute. Yes indeed to a certain degree water and gas produced energy but the main source of energy is oil. Oil runs thy transport systems in the main air sea land industrial and it it suddenly ran out all of thy transport systems would grind to a halt and even worse if thy sources of natural gas ceased what happens to the majority of thy power stations, yea indeed thou wilt say we have water to generation electricity but not enough to supply a whole Nation and then what happens if there is a drought. The whole of this civilization if there was a catastrophic failure of the supply of oil would be facing a doomsday scenario and say not unto thyselves this will not and cannot happen it could and will for the supply of the World’s oil is limited and at the rate this civilization is now using it will soon face drastic shortages and unless thou doth curb the use thereof that catastrophe will come sooner than later and it will not be many decades before shortages arise but with the next two decades. Thy Oil wells are now beginning to dry up and there are increasing searches for fresh oil fields which are becoming harder and harder to discover and even a blind man can sense the beginnings of an atmosphere of panic. But it is that as I said thus far in wrath and anger shall I smite the Nations of the Earth with a curse but as yet that curse extends not to thy sources of energy. But on source of energy I will warn thee not to use and that a Natural source even I could say the very last source thou will ever use every source of the energy that underpins this civilizations in the usage thereof has its ultimate consequence when to much reliance is placed upon and in it and that is the consequences of it ceasing to exist. The Earth and its resources are not infinite and sooner of later all run out the danger is to much reliance on one or two sources or even three will eventually lead in the case of a civilization to its collapse and its the same as thy reliance upon thy technology its like the slaves of Egyptian and Rome civilizations their reliance on their slave culture was their downfall. Thus it is that in wrath and anger as said I will smite the Nations and could also smite the sources of thy energy but or the present the curse to befall the Nations is sufficient. But be assured if the turning of the Nations from the paths of wickedness and immorality and all manner of perversion and the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments especially My Moral Law I saith the Lord God will bring about such devastation upon the Nations of the Earth that a human being will be a rare sight upon the face of the Earth. But one last Word at the present I need not destroy or even deplete thy sources of energy which underpin this civilization which I said I could and would do if mankind’s repentance from disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments was not forth coming, why not? Because thou art doing that thyselves!

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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