Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the only true Living God unto thee how are the mighty fallen how are they brought down to the dust of the ground even by their own devious plans of deception and intrigue which they worked amongst the Nations proud boastful and arrogant are they even when their plans go wrong and like vipers turn around and bite them and when disaster strikes and many people suffer, they will not admit it’s their fault. Lies and deceit are in their mouths seeking to lead astray even the righteous if they can but it is I saith the Lord that shall bring to light and out into the open all their hidden secrets even as I said afore hand all the hidden things of darkness I shall bring out into the light and as I so said I would do so have I done and so it is that all the hidden things of darkness can and shall no longer remain hidden even all the wicked and immoral and perverse secrets of men’s hearts shall be brought out in the open no longer shall their evil deeds escape My Justice for they shall they be Judged and punished even according to My Holy Law and Commandments even those punishments that are set down in My Law and Commandments for the breaking thereof but this shall not be limited to individual people but to every man woman and child of humanity none shall escape even unto Nations and Governments well did I put before thee that three Mighty Nations are to fall and eventually a fourth by the sword of My vengeance and so it hath began one by one shall these Nations fall whose arrogance and pride is like unto a foul stench in My nostrils these whose ambitions as did Nimrods reach up unto the heights of Heaven even unto My very throne and as his tower was cast down so shall the towers of the pride and arrogance of these mighty Nations fall and prove to be their undoing one by one they shall be cast down and the inhabitants of the Nations will mourn their passing but the memory of these Mighty Nations shall fade into oblivion to be no more remembered upon the face of the Earth. But that which is coming upon the Nations of the Earth from the greatest to the least, is the drying up of thy oil wells one by one they shall run dry until they are no more. As I said and so I warned and do warn thee that the devastation that the drying up of these wells will cause will shake the very foundations of this Civilization, yea indeed rather than preparing for the day when the oil runs out thou doth shut up thy Ears blind thine eyes and harden thy hearts to the fact that the day is not far off as many say it is even thy scientist and thy so called geologist who are like unto the false prophets of old some of which prophesied peace, peace when war was just over the horizon and others prophesied a victory for a King if they went to war with their enemy instead not only did the King suffered defeat but was killed in battle. These scientist and geologist whilst are readers of the geological structure of the Earth yet they cannot see what I can saith the Holy One of Israel beneath the surface of the Earth and they know not the Earth as I know it for it is I who created it and knoweth the limitations of its resources which if they had been managed wisely would have lasted not only decades but possibly a couple of centuries one at least but not now. The vision for the future transport system of this civilization is abandoned vehicles of every kind by the side of every road at first a few because of the price increase of fuel many will no longer be able afford it and as the shortages increase and the price increases so shall the number of abandoned vehicles increase and even wars shall arise over the possession of oils fields Nation fighting Nation over that which is not bread or food to nourish the body. Well thou would have taken a leaf as so speak out of Joseph’s book to store up resources in the times of plenty to meet the needs of mankind when the sources of resources in the case of oil ran dry.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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