Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as concerning the coming fall of this civilization which is inevitable and not too far off a civilization that has become so dependent on one source of energy without which if it suddenly ceased would have a catastrophic effect upon the whole of humanity of which I have said that I could easily cause this source of energy to disappear and if mankind was to continue upon the path it is now walking contrary to all of My Holy Law and Commandments and contrary to My Moral Laws and the source of this energy was not in a critical state because of mankind’s exorbitant usage of this source of energy in their transport system. As I have repeatedly pointed out the resources of the Earth are not unlimited they are finite and because of their overuse will run out sooner than later. I would and could cause its existence to cease sooner than it will do so. But at the present rate of, as said that mankind is using it, it will run out sooner than later that source of energy that drives the transport system of the whole of this civilization is of course oil, There are other sources but nowhere near as abundant as Oil. The Oil wells are as also said afore time are already drying up and will continue to do so forcing the price of oil to rise slowly at first but as oil wells and then oil fields run dry and new wells become harder to find, not that indeed there are no more, but that the oil wells that are there are so deep beneath the surface of the Earth no amount of drilling will ever reach them. But what has to be considered is the growing unrest the shortages will cause for as said at first because of the cost of petrol rising and the fuel becoming more and more reserved for emergency and security services and the transportation of food and other necessary goods the ordinary man and woman will be eventually be unable to buy fuel. Before that rationing will come into effect at all fuel stations but it is asked what about the oil lakes that all government posses and hold in reserve these will be used for the military the emergency services and for necessary government transport but eventually even they will run out as well. Other sources of energy to run this civilizations transport system have been sought and found but not in enough quantity to be of any actual use needed on the scale mankind if oil runs out will need but these searches have been and are too little too late. Thou sayest what about electricity then the answer is what fuel do the power stations use oil is one Nuclear is another then there are hydro electric power stations and coal fire power stations but not able to supply enough energy to for the National grid of each Nation well as their transport systems and that is if there were enough electric powered vehicles in the first place and what about the oil powered stations when the oil runs out. Gas coal and Nuclear will remain but not enough to avert a disaster on such a scale as that which is to come. But what about container and merchant ships, what about Air transport, what happens when there is no fuel for domestic and goods transport vehicles when cars and haulage vehicles are left where they ran out of fuel to rot by the road side. Also what about motor manufacturing industry when they no longer need to produce cars and their component manufacturers and suppliers no longer need to manufacture and supply components? But there is also another factor and that is all of the cars on the roads at present that are on hire purchase will the loan companies seek to repossess the vehicles or repayment in full of their loan that they borrowed to buy the cars in the first place. Then also there are other industries that rely on oil or petrol powered vehicles. Mankind cannot close its eyes but has to face the reality that the supply of oil is limited and will and shall run out and unless the whole of mankind is prepared for that eventuality then the disappearance of the present civilization will rival that of the disappearance of other lost civilizations one of which was the Incas.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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