Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even Adonai unto thee at this time in as far as Brexit is concerned and the prolonged process that this Government is taking to leave the EU in as far as the negotiations and the transition period is concerned on the surface it looks as though this Government is doing a good job of negotiating with EU in the expectation of ending up with a good deal on leaving the EU but in reality this Government at heart does not want and has never wanted to leave the EU, but has to because of the promises made to the British public and the vote result of the referendum and if it could find a way of reversing course it would do so without hesitation. There was and is only one real way of leaving the EU without all these argy bargy political negotiations which in and of themselves are an exercise in futility and that simply is just leave and that is what the British public expected and wanted when they voted to leave. This warning should have been seen in the last General election vote but was not and thus I set it before this Government now for thee and thy party this will all end in total and irrevocable disaster and an end of any possibility of governing this country again after the next General election for a very long time for the British public on both sides leavers and remainers are getting really fed up with all of these political weanling’s between the Government and the EU it was simple and straight forward in the beginning and apart from the politics still is the Vote of the referendum was leave and that is what the Government should have endeavoured to do as soon as it possibly could do fulfil the wishes of the British public who voted them into government to Govern this country for the British public and not for themselves all of these negotiations are but delaying tactics on the part of this government especially the transition period and has been from the start. The triggering of article fifty should have started the process of leaving and should have been simple and straight forward just leave, but that didn’t happen instead a prolonged complicated unnecessary political negotiating process was started between the British Government and the EU when instead it should have been cut and dried Britain was leaving the EU and that was the end of that. It was either a simple case of leave or let the British public down and stay, there has been as said no necessity for all of this political wrangling and argy bargy politics. The reality is in as far as Brexit is concerned is that the EU does not want the UK to leave the Government doesn’t want at heart to leave, British industry and the Business and Finance sectors don’t want the UK to leave but their main concern is the health of their bank balances their stocks and shares and not the welfare of the British public at large and will do anything to frustrate the plans of those who voted to leave which is proven by the length of these negotiations the arrangement of a transition period and the forthcoming delays that will come from issues over sorting the Irish Border problem out and Spain’s claim over Gibraltar . But the British public want to leave as soon as possible and as said the Government was elected to govern on behalf of the British people. The reality as said is if a positive course of action is not soon taken then disaster looms on the horizon for both the UK and the EU over the Irish border and Gibraltar and the Parliamentary vote on the final deal. But in the end it has to come down not to parliaments vote over the EU deal on leaving but on the referendum vote and any delaying tactics by Parliament or the Government will and is resulting in public unrest which is seething beneath the surface at present and will come out into the open if positive action on leaving is not forth coming.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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