Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee of all of mankind that I am the Lord God and I change not and in Me there is no shadow of turning from My purposes in as far as the Judgment and punishment of all of mankind is concerned all of their sins and crimes against Me and against their fellow human beings especial the punishment of those who practice all manner of the wickedness, all manner of sorcery, idolatry, adultery, false witnessing and all of those who oppress the poor and needy the downtrodden that see not to the healing of the sick the clothing of the naked and also who oppress the widow and the fatherless, those who turn the stranger in need of help from their door, who come not to the aid of the refugees who because of tyranny, war and terrorism have been force to flee from their homes and lands and countries. But most of all of those who fear not to provoke Me to wrath and anger because by their great wickedness and iniquity and the practice of all manner of immorality and the disobedience to of all of My Most Holy Commandments and Laws these are they without due consideration of the consequences of their actions sow to the wind in the actions and indeed shall reap the whirlwind of My wrath and anger and indeed shall I cause to cease by the sword of My Vengeance from the face of the Earth and by pestilence, famine, drought, earthquake and fiery mountains. But more so shall I strike the Earth with as said before hand a curse and that curse shall come in the form of diseases and plagues of which mankind will find there is no cure even has I have struck the Earth with already that have thus in the past few years suddenly appeared even antibiotic resistant diseases and those that once were by mankind curable have suddenly become incurable some of which thou doth call super bugs. But say this I must rather I would have had it that mankind turn from all disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and all manner of great wickedness and immorality and cruelty and war mongering and that is why it is thus far in the hope mankind would turn from their wicked immoral and perverse ways in obedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments have I held back the full force of My wrath and anger and have been merciful unto mankind, thus say I remember Noah’s flood and how I did except for him and his family and the preservation of the main creatures of the Earth did cause all of mankind by the flood to perish from off the face of the Earth and did repent afterwards of doing so and did swear never again to flood the Earth of which I placed in the skies a sign of My promise never to do so again. But the days are now upon the whole of mankind because I have been by the practices and lives of mankind been provoked to wrath and anger and except for all who are My people of every land country and Nation would have wiped the Earth clean of all of mankind before now but for their sakes have I held back until the time when they will be taken from amongst mankind and from the face of the Earth and then shall the face of the Earth be cleansed by fire so that everything is wiped there from and nothing remains and then shall the Earth once again be reborn anew and returned unto it all of those along with My Holy City wherein dwells My Holy Name to the surface thereof along with all who belong unto Me to tend it as once mankind in their original state where so commanded to do thus shall it be that the whole of the face of the Earth shall become as was the Garden of Eden in the beginning My Garden and upon the face of the whole earth there shall be no death and harm and no sickness diseases plagues famines earthquakes and volcanoes shall exist, for My glory and the peace that passeth all understand shall cover the face of the Earth as the waters cover the seas. In all of the Earth there shall be peace happiness and harmony forever but be assured for all of My Children there shall be plenty to do in the tendering and looking after the garden of the whole Earth. This shall all come to be to the glory and praise of My Holy Name saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and the heavens and the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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